Industry Data Visualisation, (c) Starr Million Baker / Cognite 2023Cognite has launched Cognite AI, which it describes as a Generative AI accelerator for Industrial Data and Value Realization. Microsoft Azure powers Cognite AI, and the company has delivered a comprehensive portfolio of Generative AI solutions to Cognite Data Fusion.

Girish Rishi, Cognite CEO, explains the three things Cognite AI addresses, “Cognite AI accelerates the application of modern software technology in industrial digitalization. It informs the industrial user, empowers the industrial operator and enables industrial facilities to be efficient and sustainable.

Girish Rishi, Cognite CEO
Girish Rishi, Cognite CEO

“With Cognite AI, we have developed an innovative architecture that eliminates hallucinations, mitigates data leakage, and enables trust and access control. This is how we make AI work for industry.”

Cognite AI

Cognite claims that the new functionality will increase the efficiency of industrial workflows tenfold. It cites three initial applications it has built that form part of the APM Intelligence App Suite that address operations, maintenance and reliability.

  • Operations teams can get quick access to trustworthy data to understand real-world conditions and take appropriate actions to improve production.
  • Maintenance workers can optimize the planning, scheduling, and execution of activities. As priorities shift, AI can help quickly adjust resource plans to minimise the impact on existing schedules.
  • Predictive maintenance is further enhanced, increasing the reliability of the equipment as more data is used to analyse potential equipment degradation or failure.

The new features enhance the industry-specific Data Ops offering for energy, manufacturing, power, and renewables and also enable partners to create industry-specific offerings for individual sectors and clients.

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Oficer of Microsoft, commented, “Industrial data is a critical part of making informed decisions on business operations, yet complex and labor intensive to reconcile into actionable insights. Cognite AI addresses this need by building upon the power of the Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities to deliver rich, contextualized data and generative AI analytics services to help energy, manufacturing, and power and renewables customers accelerate efficiency and value realization of their industrial workflows.”

Cognite AI brings the full powers of Generative AI to industrial data ops. With Data Fusions providing a rich and varied suite of data sources, generative AI can analyse and interpret that data into meaningful insights and answer simple questions from engineers in the field. Importantly it can deliver these insights in context for each use case.

Cognite AI unifies Generative AI (LLMs such as GPT 3.5/4 and PaLM) with Cognite’s specific Data Modeling and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities. The solution will leverage an organisation’s data, ensuring that the insights gained are in near real times within a private and secure environment. In addition, Cognite AI allows business users to create workflows in natural language that can further automate processes and increase efficiency.

Building intelligent chemical plants

The Celanese Corporation is a global technology leader in producing speciality materials and chemical products used in most major industries and consumer applications. The company is leveraging Cognite AI to build its “Digital Plants of the Future”. It uses Cognite Data Fusion to build a single repository for all its domain experts. The platform will contain equipment data, data from work orders, 3D and photogrammetry, Manufacturing Execution Systems, ERP/SAP, and unstructured documents. Generative AI can now help to extract relevant information and insights that can be used in the field.

Ibrahim Al-Syed, Director of Digital Manufacturing at Celanese, commented, “Celanese is building the Digital Plant of the Future and we rely on Cognite Data Fusion on Microsoft Azure to put the right data into the hands of our experts so they can spend less time identifying problems and more time finding solutions. Generative AI is a powerful tool that will be key to enabling our people. With Cognite AI as part of our digital strategy, we can improve work experiences by unifying people, data, processes, and systems with a common platform.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

AI has promised much but is often seen as hard to deliver, requiring teams of data scientists and experts to deliver value. Generative AI, specifically Cognite AI, means that organisations can deliver on the promise of AI and see a rapid return on investment. It combines with the Cognite industrial Dataops capabilities and data modelling building a data intelligence that the Cognite Co-pilot, the Cognite chatbot interface, can leverage so that individual users can ask work-specific questions and get accurate, insightful answers that might have taken weeks to generate before.


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