Bold Open Database: The Tool That Every Business Woman Needs to Succeed - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from PixabayWith the increasing inflation everywhere around the globe, more people have started to shift towards building a business rather than having a job. Shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, many people—especially women—switched to running their own businesses to support household expenses. Whether you are career-driven or an entrepreneurial business woman, a database of like-minded females is a great way to achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a networking site to connect with people and expand your network, then you must check out the Bold Open Data Base! This article will unwrap how an aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from the Bold Open Data Base.

What is Bold Open Database?

The Bold Open Data Base is the first ever global open database for female entrepreneurs. Before we dig deeper into this, let’s look at what a database is.

A database is a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.” The Bold Open Data Base brings data about female entrepreneurs from all over the globe onto a single website for you!

The bold platform from Veuve Clicquot aims to help not only female entrepreneur especially but businesses as well. With this database, both parties can benefit in their own ways. Female entrepreneurs get to upscale their skills, whereas businesses can hire the right talent for their needs.

3 Upsides of Bold Open Database

Due to our society being deeply rooted in patriarchy, we rarely see support for female entrepreneurs. However, the bold database for entrepreneurs helps working woman showcase their skills and manage their business successfully!

1. No Cultural, Technological, or Geographical Barrier

Many businesswomen fail to excel in their fields because of gender inequality and the gender gap. Whereas some cannot overcome the physical barriers of equality created by geography and cultural values. The bold database is free of such barriers.

It creates an opportunity for all businesswomen to connect with each other and empower them to gain more experience. Businesses can simply look up female entrepreneur by selecting their preferred location. Then they can hire the right fit for a job by checking their profiles.

2. Gives a Boost to Economy

A state’s economy can see a major boost when an equal number of men and women work as entrepreneurs. The bold database is developed with a focus on science, economics, and society. It aims to improve the condition of the globe by providing female entrepreneur with an opportunity to grow and move forward. Which, in return, benefits the economy.

However, it is important to know that bold database is neither a social site Startup nor a collaboration platform. It is strictly a work-based site that only entertains those who are interested in either hiring or being hired.


The advancement of society as a whole depends on the empowerment of women. Women are now more focused on their careers than ever before. The obstacles they encounter on their journey, nevertheless, remain the same.

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to meet others like yourself, want to find the right females to hire, or just need some tips, insights, and inspiration to keep moving ahead, the Bold Open Data Base is where you will find it all.


Bold by Veuve Clicquot is a program designed to help improve inclusion, impact, and visibility. Built through key events across the world all year long, Bold by Veuve Clicquot supports women entrepreneurs and gives them a voice, encouraging future generations to be even more audacious.

Bold, in response to society’s evolution since 1972. The models of women’s success are no longer confined to the business world.

Bold to better understand the personality and strength of these daring women.


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