Lake Focus Swan - Image by S. Hermann / F. Richter from Pixabay Clarity Stack has launched a new edition of its Sales Intelligence platform. The Agency edition provides a limited functionality suitable for organisations working in digital, creative, web, branding, video, software, and other agency model businesses. It provides access to contracts, insights and intelligence features from a new user dashboard. The Agency edition is priced at £199 per month for two user licenses. The pricing information on the global website indicates that this is discounted from $499 per month. The global site also doesn’t indicate that this is for 2 user licenses.

The Agency edition

What the Agency edition lacks, compared to the full edition, is the prospecting database.  While Agency users have full access to contract opportunities and the contact details contained therein, they do not have access to the full ten million businesses and direct contact details. What it does allow organisations to do is increase their sales team’s productivity by 30% and increase revenue significantly.

It achieves this with contracts, social intelligence and insights features. The social intelligence feature discovers buying intent and intelligence to enable sales teams to move quickly to the pitch stage. It can also identify those businesses that are looking for your firm’s services.

Clarity Stack insights provide sales intelligence that keeps your salespeople informed about prospects. Using them, they can time their approaches for the optimal time. The intelligence includes spending increases, new hires, investments, office moves, and M&A activity.

Contracts enable your sales team to search, analyse and bid on contracts and RFPs suitable for the firm’s services and products. Relevant tenders can be added to a to-do list and managed through completion.

Clarity Stack also provides integrations to many popular sales applications. These include Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive, and Just Call.

Ben Harper, Clarity Stack CEO
Ben Harper, Clarity Stack CEO

Ben Harper, Clarity Stack CEO commented, “Our new Agency Edition is aimed towards businesses who have no need for – or time and resources to benefit from – our full prospecting database and therefore only require live opportunities as and when they appear within the platform. They can then reach out to those businesses directly and act on those new opportunities right away.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Clarity Stack already has an impressive roster of larger organisations, including Microsoft, ACW, KribitDigital and Haines Watts. With this release, it hopes to attract smaller agencies at a price point that makes it worthwhile for those agencies to explore the solution fully. The time to value is also small, with a reviewer noting, “We have been using Clarity Stack for only a few weeks, but in that time we have identified a number of strong leads through using the tool. The platform itself is easy to use and it has become my habit to check it daily as new opportunities are listed regularly. Clarity Stack has been a good investment for us.”

The price point may seem high for many SMEs; however, the return on investment should be quick once a pipeline of opportunities emerges. While Clarity Stack promises easy onboarding to its solution, there is little information on its website about how it achieves this.


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