Adobe (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)Adobe has announced innovations for its customer data platform (CDP), Adobe Real-Time CDP. The platform helps brands transition from third-party cookies to first-party data. As businesses across all industries adopt Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe is introducing enriched customer profiles with commerce, AI-powered targeting, new privacy and security tools and Segment Match across channels.

Adobe Real-Time CDP, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, delivers real-time data with more than 24 trillion audience segment evaluations. This is more than one petabyte of data processed on average per day. Helping global brands deliver personalised experiences to millions of customers in real-time. Customers include General Motors, ServiceNow, Telefónica, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, T. Rowe Price and TSB Bank.

Providing a complete picture

(credit image/LinkedIn/Anjul Bhambhri)
Anjul Bhambhri, senior vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe

Anjul Bhambhri, senior vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe, said, “Businesses that invest in putting their first-party data into action are the ones that will deliver personalised experiences and beat the competition.

With changing consumer expectations in the digital economy, the time to move away from third-party cookies is now. Brands need to adopt a first-party data strategy to stay relevant.

According to Mike Gamble, director of analysis and design at TSB Bank, “We needed a complete picture of every person who banks with us. From their history to their needs, to how they move through the customer journey. That meant centralising our data on a single platform.

The rich insights we get from Adobe Real-Time CDP informs our personalisation strategy to enrich customer experiences. Most importantly, we can deliver that richness consistently online and offline. Because our decisions are based on every interaction in that customer’s past.”

Adobe Real-Time CDP enables brands to gather first-party data. It employs consent-based practices to build rich and actionable customer profiles, segment audiences and deliver personalised experiences to customers.

Platform innovations include:

  • Enrich customer profiles with Adobe Commerce (Magento). Now available in beta, retail brands using Adobe Commerce can link first-party commerce data to Adobe Real-Time CDP and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications. This allows brands to use insights from shopping and browsing behaviour to build customer profiles and deliver personalised shopping journeys.
  • AI for advanced targeting and more efficient pipeline building. Predictive lead and account scoring for Adobe Real-Time CDP B2B (Business-to-Business) Edition and Real-Time CDP B2P (Business-to-Person) is now available. Edition enables brands to create a more efficient pipeline by identifying people and accounts likely to become sales opportunities. It uses Adobe Sensei-powered intelligence.
  • Built-in privacy and security tools and Healthcare Shield. Now generally available, Adobe Real-Time CDP is HIPAA-ready with Healthcare Shield, a new Adobe Experience Platform offering. It empowers healthcare brands, subject to HIPAA, to securely leverage certain types of sensitive personal data to deliver personal experiences throughout the healthcare customer journey. Adobe Real-Time CDP is also introducing new privacy and security enhancements designed to manage customer data. These enhancements include encryption control and tools to automatically honour policies around consumer consent or preferences and attribute-based access controls. This is critical functionality for organisations operating in highly regulated industries. In addition to those that want to ensure that data sets are being used as intended.
  • Segment Match in Adobe Real-Time CDP. Now generally available, Segment Match enables brands to manage and activate audience data across multiple channels. It uses Adobe’s governance and consent tools to manage and enforce how audience data is collected, and for what purpose.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

For contemporary digital retailing, personalisation is key to establishing effective relationships with key customers. Adopting a more unified data approach via a CDP ensures that customers are placed centre stage of all communications.

Understanding the customer experience requires interpreting data, and analysing customer behaviour to support retailers to harness new revenue streams. These revenue streams may include cross-selling, upselling and product recommendations. Hence Adobe’s efforts to enrich customer profiles with commerce and, AI-powered Targeting.

AI has the potential for retailers to fully unlock the potential of the data they already have in their database. Adobe is also providing new privacy and security tools and Segment Match to accelerate a first-party data strategy.

Adobe already delivers real-time data with more than 24 trillion audience segment evaluations and over one petabyte of data processed on average per day. It is making serious investments in its infrastructure, as the nature of digital commerce is moving towards MACH principles. Even for larger retail enterprises and global brands.


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