Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayNo major announcements from PSA vendors last week and three small product updates from three vendors below. Updates from Accelo, EasyProjects and ProofHub. Other vendors remained relatively quiet last week. FinancialForce hosted its annual conference FFX but issued no press releases during the event. The event revealed more information about the recent Spring release and Scott Brown gave a business update similar to that delivered last month.


Accelo announced several more updates to Timers that allow people to track the time spent on time. The updated timers now include a link to the company that the timer is associated with, and where the timer is linked to an object. Where the information is too long to contain within the Timer window a breadcrumb tooltip will display the full information when hovered over.

EasyProjects and BirdviewPSA

It is now very easy to too how many risk issues are associated with a given project within both EasyProjects and BirdviewPSA. The number of issues is visible in the Activity Centre, displayed in the first column of the list of projects.

There are two types of risk indicators, red and yellow. Red shows issues that are already occurring such as project deadline, overloading, or budget overrun. Yellow indicates a potential risk. The feature is only available where the correct parameters are set.

Where project risks are no longer an issue, perhaps through customer agreement it is possible to snooze these issues. It is possible to snooze one or all for a period of time rather than perpetually.


ProofHub added several new features at the start of May, There is a new panel on the left that allows users to switch between projects quickly. Users can also set a default project tab so that when they start ProofHub, the system starts them in the place they generally want to start working in. Finally, a new Me view projects widget now allows the user to filter projects based on status, category or colour.


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