Yotpo (credit image/Pixabay/terimakasih0)Yotpo has launched a new SMS feature, Click-to-Buy, which advances personalisation through text messaging. Furthering its commitment and focus on SMS innovation following an acquisition, Yotpo SMSBump is now entirely integrated into the platform. The solution offers capabilities to deliver a personalised experience for every shopper. The company says the content will tailor, timed and relevant to them. Yotpo has also appointed Omer Bar-Joseph as General Manager of Yotpo SMSBump and expanded the team even further to include more dedicated customer support and product development resources.

New Feature, More ROI: Click-to-Buy

Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform helps brands strengthen their relationships with consumers. SMS marketing is becoming important for eCommerce brands to accelerate consumers’ path to purchase and maximise results and revenue. With Yotpo SMSBump’s new Click-to-Buy feature, brands have the flexibility to send individualised product recommendations via SMS. This can be managed down to specific product variants like colour, size, or sale item. Users can add GIFs automatically with product images from a Shopify store. They can also pre-populate a discount or loyalty reward code once the consumer clicks the text message.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Omer Bar Jospeh)
Omer Bar-Joseph, General Manager at Yotpo SMSBump

Yotpo says its SMSBump and innovative features like Click-to-Buy can deliver even value for brands when combined with Yotpo’s loyalty and reviews solutions. Brands using Click-to-Buy in a beta programme saw up to 20x ROI. Merchants using more than two or more Yotpo products have seen eCommerce sales grow 54% faster than those using one.

According to Michael J. Saba Jr., President of ALT, “With growing competition from large retailers like Amazon and Walmart. It is more important than ever that consumers can quickly and conveniently make transactions online from DTC brands.

We feel that the new Click-to-Buy feature offered by Yotpo SMSBump will bring a tremendous increase in conversion rate. It offers seamless experiences for ALT Fragrances customers to buy the perfumes and colognes they love effortlessly.

Innovation and Focus: eCommerce, mCommerce, and beyond

Yotpo SMSBump has more than doubled its growth since 2020. Yotpo says it will triple the dedicated product and R&D team for its SMS offering by the end of 2022. The company acquired SMSBump in January 2020 and together, the companies have enabled more than 30,000 eCommerce brands. This includes brands such as EM Cosmetics, Princess Polly, LSKD, and Parks Project. These brands have grown opted-in followers with automated, personalised SMS marketing campaigns. Yotpo SMSBump is the number one app in its category on Shopify.

SMS is not a trend—it’s table stakes for reaching consumers today. Yotpo SMSBump symbolises our commitment to offering the most advanced SMS marketing solution for mobile-first commerce. We have developed deeper synergies with Yotpo’s other marketing solutions. Delivering more cutting-edge features and offering strategic guidance. We support any eCommerce brand looking to maximise engagement and revenue with SMS,” said Omer Bar Joseph, GM, Yotpo SMSBump.

According to Adobe Insights, US eCommerce sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2022, up 3% from 2021. This is due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Research from Shopify found that 71% of purchases during last year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday came from mobile devices. This was nearly 73% of internet users are expected to access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025.

Last year, Yotpo formed a multi-year platform partnership with Shopify. Supported by a strategic investment in Yotpo by Shopify, the platform partnership will help accelerate Yotpo’s growth and product development. Yotpo supports merchants to better connect with their customers and grow their businesses through innovative marketing tools and solutions.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Gone are the days of single-channel marketing. Instead, marketers now have to access multiple contact points across various channels. Furthermore, customers expect businesses to use all of them to offer the best experience. It now looks like SMS marketing is making a comeback. SMS marketing can be an effective complement to social marketing, allowing enterprises to reach customers—and potential customers—in real-time with targeted and effective messaging.

Yotpo is making big boasts about their app’s new features. Click-to-Buy nets brands up to 20x ROI; Yotpo SMSBump, the number 1 SMS marketing app on Shopify. The company says the app bolsters capabilities to generate more revenue from mobile. SMS is perhaps at the less glamourous end of the digital marketing spectrum. However, marketers must never forget that virtually the whole population have a mobile phone in their pocket. The technology is relatively cheap and potentially a cost-effective and efficient way to build relationships with customers. Some marketeers may be ignoring SMS marketing at their peril.


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