Precisely announces new geo addressing innovations (Image Credit: Liza Summer: at Pexels)Data integrity leader Precisely has announced new geo address innovations. They are designed to make verifying, cleansing, and geocoding address data easier. Address data is a key element of many enterprise systems but is also one of the dirtiest.

There are many challenges around address data. They range from inconsistent formats, poor lookup tools, incomplete data and keying mistakes. Often, organisations extract address data when they need it, do a limited clean and then use the data. It is not often that the clean data is reimported.

What Precisely is looking to do is clean data in situ. That means it stays in the enterprise systems and is updated in place. It improves the quality of the address data and makes it immediately available to users to take advantage of.

Anjan Kundavaram, Chief Product Officer, Precisely
Anjan Kundavaram, Chief Product Officer, Precisely

Anjan Kundavaram, chief product officer at Precisely, said, “We continue to innovate and extend our leadership in geo addressing, unlocking unparalleled levels of data context, which enables data integrity.

“We are broadening the reach of these best-in-class capabilities by bringing them to more places around the world and making them more accessible through flexible pricing and deployment options.”

What is Precisely introducing?

Precisely is adding a range of capabilities. These include:

  • Enhanced address autocompletion
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms
  • New metadata options

Master Location Data is being expanded outside of the US and Canada. It will now cover the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Finland. Later in 2022, the company says it will add more countries.

Precisely adds a hyper-accurate location coordinate to each address to ensure that addresses can be constantly updated. It also adds a unique identifier known as the PreciselyID to each address. The latter is about more than just maintaining the address data. According to Precisely, customers can enrich their data by choosing from “more than 9000 attributes in over 400 datasets.”

Those datasets include points of interest and property attributes through to demographic movement or weather changes over time. The ability to add additional enrichment through the PreciselyID widens the use of data across the business. It makes data more valuable and delivers on that value.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Address data management is one of the biggest pain points for many organisations. It gets dirty quickly but is used across many departments. That means there is a constant data cleansing process before address data can be used. The problem is that many organisations see this as an on-demand capability rather than a core feature.

Precisely is looking to change that by making accurate geo addressing of data a core part of data entry and capture processes. Doing so also gives customers a start point to do further enrichment on their data. This is not a one-off process. Precisely is making sure that customers can continue to enrich data to increase its usefulness to the business.

It will be interesting to see what Precisely adds next to its data and which countries are added to its master location data later this year.


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