Where do you start with a data project (Image Credit: Victor Serban on Unsplash)Starting a data project can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack while wearing boxing gloves and being blindfolded. To get a better idea of how to get started, Enterprise Times talked with David Woods, Senior Vice President for Strategic Services at Precisely.

Enterprise Times began by asking how often people were able to define their goals for a data project rather than start with the technical details. Woods commented, Part of the challenge, and part of what we try to do with organisations is make sure that we can address the immediate call to action, the immediate data challenges, but then be able to work our way up.”

David Woods, Senior Vice President of Strategic Services for Precisely (Image Credit: Linkedin)
David Woods, Senior Vice President of Strategic Services for Precisely

To achieve that, Woods says you need a framework that captures the goals, objectives and outcomes the customer wants. But getting that data from customers can be hard. To be successful, you need to get the customer to abstract themselves from the details of their data.

Woods says there are three ways to address those conversations. He said: “I think of it as a bit of a top-down, bottom-up and a middle-out framework.” What does that mean? Bottom-up is looking at the vast array of data elements that support processes. The middle is solely about the processes and is an easier way to get to the goals and objectives. Top-down means working with executives about what they want for the business.

Woods goes on to talk about the benefits of POCs and NVP projects to get something off the ground. However, he also warns that you must consider the issue of how to scale such projects.

To hear what else Woods has to say, download and listen to the podcast.

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