Creative Cloud Express (Image credit/Pixabay/ivanovgood)Adobe has launched Creative Cloud Express. A unified task-based, web and mobile product that makes it easy to create and share rich multimedia content. This can include social media posts and stories to invitations as well as marketing materials like logos, flyers and banners. Creative Cloud Express enables drag-and-drop content creation, supporting user to express their creativity with just a few clicks.
Creative Cloud Express offers thousands of high-quality templates, 20,000 premium Adobe fonts and 175 million licensed Adobe Stock images. The new solution leverages Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework. In addition to the cutting-edge technology behind Adobe’s flagship applications like Photoshop, Premiere and Acrobat.

Everyone is a creator

From students to social media influencers to small business owners — everyone is a creator. Whether they’re making a school presentation, sharing experiences with friends on social media, growing a business, or building a brand. People, employees and businesses want to express their ideas. A growing number of individuals and businesses are looking to monetise their content, goods and services online. They increasingly require easy-to-use, template-driven tools to promote their products and themselves.

While the web has been an incredible medium for consuming and sharing content. It is rapidly becoming a powerful platform for content creation and collaboration. The web provides a ubiquitous platform to make creativity more accessible to all creators. With advances in artificial intelligence, cloud and web technology, businesses are entering a new chapter for creativity on the web.

Adding value to the ideation process

For Creative Cloud subscribers who already use the company’s flagship applications, Creative Cloud Express adds value to the ideation process. This ranges from creating mock-ups to ensuring brand consistency to publishing content on social media.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Scott Belsky)
Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer, VP Creative Cloud

Everyone has a story to tell. It’s our mission to empower everyone to express ideas,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer, Executive VP, Creative Cloud, Adobe. “In this unique time, where millions of people are building a personal and professional brand. We are excited to launch Creative Cloud Express as a simple, template-based tool. A solution that unifies the creation, collaboration and sharing process so anyone can create with ease.”

With Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express, we are meeting the demands of all creators. We are catalysing the creator economy,” said David Wadhwani, chief business officer and executive vice president, Adobe. “Creative Cloud Express is the start of a brand-new journey to introduce first-time creators to Adobe creative tools while adding significant value to our current Creative Cloud subscribers.”

Key Features:

  • Simple drag-and-drop functions to quickly customize thousands of beautiful templates.
  • 20,000 premium Adobe fonts and 175 million royalty-free licensed Adobe Stock images.
  • Advanced search and discover capabilities, powered by the Adobe Stock Marketplace.
  • “Quick Actions” powered by Adobe Sensei to remove background features from photos, trim and merge videos. The solution can turn videos into GIFs and convert/export PDFs in a few clicks.
  • Shared Templates and Shared Brands to ensure brand consistency across teams.
  • Seamlessly manage social media publishing workflows with ContentCal features, once integrated with Adobe.
  • Integration with Creative Cloud Libraries.

Pricing and Availability of Creative Cloud Express

  • Free to start and available immediately to everyone.
  • Available on the web at and as a free app from the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Included with Creative Cloud All Apps and flagship single-app plans and is free for schools.
  • Creative Cloud Express for Enterprise and Teams is coming in 2022.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Adobe says they are changing the world through digital experiences. Supporting businesses to create and communicate has always been core to Adobe’s mission of changing the world through digital experiences. Adobe says Creative Cloud Express makes it possible for everyone, independent of skill level or expertise, to make something great. Adobe has a great reputation for developing creative tools and solutions used by designers and creative, ranging from photoshop and illustrator. On paper, Creative Cloud Express appears to be a great addition to that product set.

Earlier in the year, Adobe published a report on digital-first customers that said sophisticated, integrated customer experience (CX) continues to allow brands to outperform competitors. 71% of EMEA brands were more likely to have ‘significantly outperformed’ their sectors when it comes to digital experiences. This is compared to brands with a less sophisticated CX approach. Content is one of the glues that cements a more superior customer experience. Hence Adobe’s solution that unifies web and mobile products to make the creation and sharing of creative content easier. It is definitely worth watching for and reading the reviews of actual users to the new service, now that it has been launched.


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