Mind the gap (Image credit/Pixabay/aitoff)Enterprise Times met up with Tom Bianchi, VP Marketing, EMEA at Acquia. We discussed the gap between customers expectations and the ability of brands to deliver effective customer experiences. Tom suggested his own three top tips for enterprises looking to protect and enhance their customer’s digital experience.

1. Always start with the consumer

Enterprises need to explore what data can key stakeholders access? Business managers have to look at their customer’s user journey through data? Some enterprises still undertake this activity anecdotally.

Bianchi suggests, try and get the best map of that journey that identifies gaps e.g. Where the business is losing resources. This can even be done with Google Analytics. So, there should be no excuse for brands not stopping and investing the time.

2. Map out the customer journey

Mind the Gap (Image credit/LinkedIn/Tom Bianchi)
Tom Bianchi, VP Marketing, EMEA at Acquia

Businesses need to map out the various customer journeys in their digital landscape. Managers need to really understand the data flows within their organisation.

Businesses need to use technology that makes that process as frictionless as possible. They need to consider technology such as machine learning and other advanced tools in the marketplace to help the business.

Bianchi says Acquia have clients who utilised such technologies to process transactional data looking for possible trends. It used to take them two or three weeks to process one batch of data. This process can now be programmed in minutes by adopting machine learning. As a result, fully embrace the data that businesses can access, with additional support from machine learning. The business will then get all the insights and intelligence needed, then be able to act effectively.

3. Become marketing savvy

Companies need to be aware of trends and issues taking place within their organisation and the wider sector. The market is moving incredibly quickly. Examine what activities competitors are undertaking.

According to Tom, “It’s okay to say this competitor did it better than we did. Don’t be afraid. There’s innovation taking place everywhere. And sometimes just stepping back from your own little world is the best way to see that.”


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