What is driving low code adoption? (Image Credit: NASA on Unsplash)2020 saw a significant surge in the adoption of low code solutions and that has continued into 2021. As Appian World starts, Enterprise Times spoke with Siter Ali, Area Vice President for Solutions Consulting at Appian about what is driving this. Is it that low code is now seen as enterprise-ready? A drive towards digital transformation? An attempt to get away from shadow IT?

Ali sees it as being more fundamental than that. He says: “The adoption of low code has been gradually increasing, by year. The fundamental driver behind that is a shortage of skilled software developers. More and more software is being demanded by organisations to support their internal as well as their external processes.”

It’s not just a shortage of developers at the heart of the problem. There are always companies looking to increase their market share and software is part of the solution but it must be delivered quickly. Ali commented: “If you come to market 12 months late, somebody else has already taken that particular piece of the pie.”

For some organisations, that quick response has come from the user developers who have written apps for their teams and departments for years. Some banks have even invested in training all of their financial analysts in the use of Python to make them more effective. Ali sees low code as being part of this solution as well by helping to rapidly build applications in two to six weeks not months.

One of the challenges for many organisations is proving whether their software delivers a return on investment. Ali said: “Take a Forrester report 2019, 84% of the applications built in low code have seen 100% return on investment.”

To hear what else Ali had to say, listen to the podcast.

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