(Image credit/Pixabay/ Udo Voigt)Enterprise Times met with Dominik Angerer, CEO & Co-Founder at Storyblok. Dominik says Storyblok was the world’s first headless content management system (CMS) that works for both developers & business users.  The term “headless” comes from the concept of splitting the “head” (the front end, i.e. the website) off the “body.” (The back end, i.e. the content repository). The Headless concepts (CMS and commerce) is becoming increasingly attractive to many organisations. Dominik discusses his top 5 tips for any organisation planning a headless project.

(ImDominik Angerer)
Dominik Angerer, CEO & Co-Founder at Storyblok

Here is Dominik’s words of wisdom

  1. Take the best developer, most nervous marketing manager and an individual with no technology knowledge. Put them together in a room and working on the vision and business needs of the project. They can prepare the requirements for the solution which combines all of their perspectives. Marketing teams create content, so it is important that a marketing person/s participate in the process.
  2. If the business is purchasing a new headless solution, they need to decide the leading component of the solution. If the organisation is a retailer or a brand, it will more likely be a commerce solution. For other enterprises, it will be the CMS.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate the architecture. Plan the visual editing tools required by content managers. Identify the customisable content blocks for marketers on top of a modern headless architecture. This will gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms.
  4. Pilot the platform in a strategic site or discreet business area just to make sure it works. If the system does not work as expected, do not be afraid to change or amend the solution or system. If the platform fails to work correctly in the first three months, then it will not work over the next few years.
  5. Develop the metrics or KPIs that will support the return of investment. Ensure there’s effective measurement tools to work out the effectiveness and efficiency of the platform or system.


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