Lego leads People Image by Eak K. from Pixabay Pipedrive has launched LeadBooster 2.0, an updated toolset to help sales organisations create, qualify, track and manage leads in a central place. It aims to help solve one of the biggest challenges that sales organisations face today. Krishna Panicker, VP of Product, Pipedrive commented: “Research shows that prospecting and lead qualification remain the biggest challenges that sales professionals face every day. While using technology for sales and lead generation has a direct correlation with sales success, many sales professionals are not using technology for lead generation. We want to change that and help sales teams find and close more deals with the best tools for leads.”

The lead generation and management tool includes:

  • Prospector, Access to a unique B2B database of 400 million business profiles for high-quality outbound leads;
  • The LeadBooster Chatbot that engages with web traffic 24/7
  • Live Chat to help sales reps qualify leads in real-time
  • Web Forms: intuitive and shareable to capture web browsers’ vital lead data
  • Web Visitors: A new add-on for monitoring web activity

LeadBooster 2.0 is available now and costs $32.50 per company per month, billed annually.


Pipedrive claims that using Prospector is easy and consists of three steps:

  • Build a target persona using settings such as job title, location and industry
  • Use credits to reveal lead information such as verified emails and DDI numbers
  • Contact the leads generated by Prospector

Lead data within Prospector is GDPR compliant, and Pipedrive says that it follows other international data regulations, though it is unclear how frequently the data is updated, or its source. Organisations can purchase leads in bundles and are valid for six months.

  • 5 prospector lead credits $9.99
  • 20 prospector lead credits $29.99
  • 50 prospector lead credits $49.99
  • 200 prospector lead credits $99.99


A fully customisable chatbot. On set up the user can define its look and feel based on several colour schemes. James Campbell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Pipedrive, described the LeadBooster chatbot in a supporting video saying: “It is a Customisable chatbot that you can host on any page of your website and this will help you automate conversations and relay repetitive information that you are always having to go over. Most importantly, you will be able to qualify your leads and route those leads to the sales reps that you want to inside of Pipedrive.

The chatbot is available 24×7 which means that even when your offices are closed, and your employee’s asleep, prospects are engaged with.

Live Chat

It is possible to add the chatbot to any page on the website. During office hours a sales rep can seamlessly take over a chat conversation with a customer delivering a more personalised engagement. The handover enables the sales rep to see the history of the previous conversation.

Web forms

A form designer that helps to create intuitive and interactive forms for prospects to complete, feeding relevant data back into Pipedrive

Web Visitors

Web visitors is a separate add on powered by Leadfeeder. It tracks activity on websites to help identify individuals and companies that are interacting with products and solutions. Sales reps can leverage this information to create targeted messages and engagements. It can identify new prospects and ensure that potential leads are captured early. Pricing is based on the number of unique organisations that visit the organisation site each month. Pricing starts at €55 per month, for up to 100 unique leads generated, and there is also a free 14-day trial.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

With no physical events occurring, lead generation is a key challenge for many organisations. With the introduction of Prospector and Web Visitors, Pipedrive is seeking to address that. The recent Pipedrive’s global State of Sales survey found that 54% struggle with finding sales leads. With the data for that survey likely collected pre-pandemic, the challenge is now greater. Many (49%) are not using technology to do so. One suspects that organisations not only need to leverage technology better to bring in leads but also ensure sales reps nurture them better.

Krishna Panicker, VP of Product, Pipedrive (Image credit LinkedIn)
Krishna Panicker, VP of Product, Pipedrive

Panicker believes that LeadBooster achieves this adding  “This is a huge step toward establishing a strong link between marketers and salespeople. We’re providing a revenue platform that drives business results throughout the whole company, helping them to reach their goals.”

What Pipedrive is offering is a seamless integration between lead generation, often a marketing responsibility and its CRM. This coming together of the marketing and sales operations is something that many organisations need to achieve. Technology can assist with this, and this latest offering from Pipedrive appears to do that.


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