manufacturing cloud (c) 2012 Clker-Free-Vector-ImagesPhil Lewis is Vice President, Solution Consulting, EMEA at Infor. He is responsible for implementations of Infor products including ERP across EMEA. In this podcast, we talked about the adoption of cloud software by manufacturers.

According to Lewis attitudes to the cloud have changed. Manufacturers now realise that many solutions are better run from the cloud, and while there are still concerns they can all be answered. Lewis talks about why manufacturers have historically been slow to adopt cloud and also explains how the situation is changing post-COVID-19. Not all factors are due to COVID-19 though. He stated: “Number one is choice. We are only now getting to a point where cloud enterprise applications where they are fit for purpose.“

Another factor that is changing is the role of the IT department, how it is acting and being seen by the wider organisation. Lewis added: “They are far more aligned to what happens in the business next”. He talks about how the role of IT has changed and what is now can deliver to the business.

Phil Lewis, VP solution consulting for Europe, Infor (Source linkedIn)
Phil Lewis, VP solution consulting for Europe, Infor

Lewis believes that companies need to consider their technology platform in a more holistic way. He argues that “traditional ERP applications are actually an inadequate foundation for getting digital business done”. It is an approach that Infor plays well to since Charles Phillips, then CEO of Infor, announced on stage at Inforum.

He also talks about how the lockdown has impacted businesses. Not just from an Infor perspective but also its customers point of view. While there was a period of shock, within two weeks things starting to happen. A new normal was discovered with cloud-based productivity tools.

To hear more of what Lewis had to say, listen to the podcast.

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