(Image credit/Pixabay/ASSY)Givex, a solution provider for gift card, voucher and loyalty services and Ofner, a traditional coffee chain in Brazil, announced a partnership in the local food market. Givex has launched an omnichannel point of sale system ( POS ) with Ofner’s stores in São Paulo. Ofner has a chain of patisseries that specialise in sweets, savouries, chocolates and gelato.

Givex provides a multitude of business solutions, from gift card programmes to enterprise-level POS. The company has spent 10 years supporting large Brazilian retail customers with omnichannel technology in gift card, voucher and loyalty. The company believes it has built a reputation of quality, trust and satisfaction with its customers. As a result, the opportunity to bring its POS solution to Brazil came naturally with a current Givex customer, Ofner.

POS solution

Since 1952, Ofner has been synonymous with quality and special customer service. As part of this evolution, the company has invested in technology to enhance the in-store customer experience.

Through Givex’s full omnichannel solution, Ofner is the first chain to implement a full end-to-end platform. The technology spans the table order through the reading of a QR Code and payment by smartphone. The process ends at the cash terminal itself, which has two touchscreens. Givex designed the consumer-facing touchscreen to engage the customer with promotions and information. In addition, the system has kitchen display systems that coordinate the preparation of each dish. After the customer places the order, the items are routed to the various preparation stations. The system calculates the preparation time for each dish so that everything arrives on the table at the same time. This is achieved, irrespective if the requests that are made via the POS, self-service kiosk and tableside ordering.

Providing a comprehensive Omnichannel platform

The solution was implemented in the Ofner store in CASACOR São Paulo. It is expected to service more than 60,000 people. This implementation will be followed by the flagship store in Itaim. The store in Itaim is the beginning of a major project to upgrade Ofner’s stores, from architecture to technology with Givex. Customers will also be able to use their gift cards, join the Ofner Club and use their promotional coupons. This is also part of the omnichannel, cloud based Givex solution.

“Ofner brings to Brazil a full omnichannel technology that is very common in the international market. It allows total convenience and flexibility for our customers. We are pleased to launch the solution in Brazil through this innovative partnership with Ofner,” explain Maria Costa, Director and Hebert Silva, Director of Technology of Givex Brazil.

According to Mario da Costa Jr, executive director of Ofner: “We want to talk to and get to know our customer better. Generate more speed in service and, above all, provide a differentiated experience of technology. We want the shopping experience to happen in a way that is agile, productive and guarantees independence for our consumer.

“Givex was selected because they showed a real interest in hearing about our challenges and providing appropriate and innovative solutions. We are confident they are the right partner to continue to deliver to the customer the Ofner experience. This is based on the tradition of delivering the quality that engenders enchantment and loyalty.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

It’s pretty vital that all businesses, irrespective of size and sector have a total 360 degree understanding of their customers. Competition is intense and business have to compete for customers, now and in the future. Data is king. Givex is one of those companies that provide tangible operational intelligence from customer data to a wide range of sectors. This ranges from restaurants and retail to hotel business to service industry.

Loyalty schemes are the bedrock for many consumer-facing brands. Absorbing real customer data and converting it, into actionable intelligence with real business actions was the key to Givex’s success. With more than 16 billion transactions, Givex is now in the premier league for building real direct relationships with customers.


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