(Image credit/Pixabay/Pexels)Amperity has announced the next iteration of its customer data management platform. The company says the platform will help brands connect and use data to support Customer 360 initiatives across their organisations.

Through AI, the Amperity platform enables brands to unlock customer datasets that have historically been impossible to manage and unify. It claims to deliver a rich Customer 360 database complete with identities, attributes, and insights. Marketers, analysts, and customer experience specialists can then leverage their Customer 360 by directly building segments and delivering them downstream. They can also use Amperity to “hydrate” any other tool with complete customer information. Amperity provides customer views, improving marketing performance, fuelling accurate insights, and unlocking new personalised customer experiences.

Greater confidence

This new release gives platform users greater confidence in the accuracy of their data and a richer understanding of their customers. Enhancements to the new Amperity platform include a more intelligent data unification engine, increased speed and scalability. The company says the platform provides greater control within the segmentation experience. It also provides new ways to ingest and deliver data downstream, and greater transparency and insights.

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Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer of Amperity

We built the platform to solve the chronic data problem plaguing brands,” said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer of Amperity. “Companies have the building blocks for world-class customer experiences, but they fail to deliver because they lack true customer 360 views they can use across the business. To serve the customer, you can’t ignore key datasets or personalise in single channels. You need to bring together all your data — online and offline. And use it to understand and engage your customers as individuals. However, effectively managing and unifying data from a variety of systems ends up being a Herculean task. We built Amperity to solve this problem in an entirely new way, leveraging AI and cloud infrastructure to turn data management on its head.

A truly comprehensive 360 Customer View

The Amperity platform allows brands to build a customer profile that’s easy to implement and flexible as systems and use cases change. The platform ingests raw data in its native format. This eliminates the need for data prep or transformation before entering the system, accelerating speed to value.

Leveraging Amperity’s proprietary AI-powered customer data engine, “Stitch” finds hidden connections between records that would otherwise be impossible to resolve. It unifies them at the individual level. The result is comprehensive 360 customer profiles that include identities, interactions, attributes, and transactions across point-of-sale, eCommerce, email, loyalty, mobile. Even when the source data is inconsistent and lacks linking keys across systems.

The Amperity platform introduces a new Customer 360 visualisation solution that enables users to understand the details of customer databases. This view showcases insights – lifetime value, product affinity, loyalty status, and health metrics on the profile attributes across systems. This gives business stakeholders a richer understanding of the data they have available to them for segmentation and delivery downstream. A critical component to effectively using that data to serve the customer.

Executing a Customer 360 Strategy

Amperity is designed for speed to value, building on existing investments and scaling for the future. The platform easily connects to any existing technology and is flexible when those systems change.

The new Amperity is optimised for marketers, analysts, and customer experience specialists a way to use data to serve customers. New features include SQL shortcuts, an improved visual editor, putting customer profiles with predictive insights alongside transaction and interaction data. As a result, users can build granular and effective segments. The platform also introduces new integrations with downstream tools such as Snowflake, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Listrak, Facebook, Google Ads. In addition to custom integrations with any existing systems.

According to Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGI Fridays, “With Amperity, Fridays is able to pull in data from point-of-sale systems, social media, credit card transactions and mobile devices. The platform analyses data to create personalised campaigns for the pool of more than 4 million guests who have given Fridays permission to contact them directly.
Amperity then helps us stitch all of that disparate data together to power our world-class customer experiences,” Mityas added.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Getting a 360-degree understanding of customers is the holy grail for all businesses, irrespective of size or sector. Since Ampersity was launched two years ago, it secured some of the world’s leading brands including GAP, Starbucks, TGI Fridays. The company boasts its delivering better, faster and smarter Customer 360 experience for their customers. The company says its unique technology applies artificial intelligence to deliver a truly comprehensive and actionable view of the customer. Ampersity says this view improves marketing performance, fuels accurate customer insights, and enables world-class customer experiences. As a result, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management. Business teams have direct access to the comprehensive data they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. To date, ET is still waiting for the phone call from clients with ringing endorsements of the 360 nature of the platform. It is still early days though.



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