Baby Hand Image credit pixabay/RitaEProcessPro has released the latest version of its ERP solution, version 11.2. In this latest update ProcessPro has continued to improve the backend architecture of the solution. Its aim is to increase the cadence of software updates as it becomes more reliant on its cloud solution.

As it does so, its customers will expect the more regular updates that cloud ERP solution providers normally offer. Part of this latest update also features an improved user interface.

Daniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy, ProcessPro
Daniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy, ProcessPro

Daniel Erickson, ProcessPro Product Strategy Manager commented: “Providing a comprehensive and intelligent ERP solution for batch process manufacturers requires continuous improvement, customer involvement, and a dedicated team of individuals to evolve and enhance the product; and these remain our driving force.

“We are happy to provide our clients with a solution that offers access to current technology and ease-of-use updates to enhance their day-to-day experience with ProcessPro.”

Usability improvements for version 11.2

This update is less about functional improvements and more about the usability. ProcessPro has added several improvements that improve the usability and flexibility of the software:

  • Menu Enhancements: A new menu design for the application menu. It allows users to quickly access other programs from the application menu. Rather than a My Favourites menu a My Work menu option now enable users to organise their access based on daily, periodic or regular work access.
  • Personalisation with DevExpress: Users are now able to personalise the dashboard using DevExpress. It enables them to select a new colour scheme as required. This flexibility is also extended to data. It has introduced conditional formatting to highlight when certain fields meet specific criteria within Interactive Views.
  • Update Design Studio; To support the changes to personalisation the Design Studio has been updated to enable technical users to better administrate and update their systems.

The press release also mentioned new integrations. Presumably this also includes the recently announced DocUnity integration.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Sometimes updates deliver little in the way of additional functionality but deliver the stepping stone for future releases. In version 11.2, ProcessPro has updated its ERP solution with an improved User Interface that should go down well with both users and prospects. One would expect 11.3 to contain a more comprehensive functionality improvement if they have completed this usability update.


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