files contracts (c) 2016 pixabay/myrfaProcessPro has announced a new strategic partnership with DocUnity. DocUnity is a workflow and document management solution. It already integrates with two other Open Systems solutions, OSAS and TRAVERSE. The latter it enhanced in 2016 to add an accounts payable invoice import solution.

Harvey Heath, DocUnity Co-Founder commented: “All of us at DocUnity are excited to expand our Open Systems, Inc. partnership by integrating DocUnity with ProcessPro. Their technical staff has been fantastic in working with us to complete our robust integration with their applications.

The inference from Heath’s statement is that the integration work is already complete and the press release highlights some of the functionality available:

  • DocUnity capture documents printed by ProcessPro, enabling DocUnity to email, fax or publish them later.
  • DocUnity will import existing files and scan paper documents to electronically save virtually any type of business document.
  • Enable users to view documents from within the ProcessPro solution.
Dr. Michael Bertini, Chief Executive Officer, Open Systems, Inc (Image credit Linkedin)
Dr. Michael Bertini, Chief Executive Officer, Open Systems, Inc

The result is that companies can reduce the amount of paper in their organisation. In turn it assists with the automation of paper based tasks and improves efficiency.

Dr. Michael Bertini, Chief Executive Officer, Open Systems, Inc commented: “The DocUnity partnership will streamline our clients’ workflow processes and their ability to make informed decisions with increased responsiveness. We are committed to providing innovative and integrated business solutions and know our clients will realize a quick ROI on their investment.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

ProcessPro is beginning to leverage the relationships that its parent company has with other software vendors. This is a good thing. What isn’t clear from the press release and available material, is the depth of the integration. DocUnity supports OCR, and the creation of business rules around documents. However it does not appear to deliver some of the automation functionality that Epicor recently introduced with DocStar. For example, the automated creation of supplier invoices and other documents within the ProcessPro ERP solution

The move does provide some of the functionality that Epicor has with its DocStar software. The question is whether, like Epicor, OpenSystems will acquire DocUnity to bring control of the product roadmap even closer. This is a good move by ProcessPro. With no pricing information available, however, companies will need to assess the ROI of implementing the solution.

For process manufacturers looking for a new ERP solution this announcement improves the chance of them selecting ProcessPro. It is showing that under the new ownership of Open Systems it continues to develop its functionality. Not just through in house development but also with the addition of new partner applications.


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