Windows - image source: do sometimes wish that every person in a company goes through a proper introduction to their PC on the induction course when then first join the company and then every time there is a software update ALL personnel get the same training again introducing them to the new version and new whizzy bits that may seem like nothing to some but can change the way you work, for the better, for others. For instance, I still come across people who did not realise that you can have two application windows open at the same time and how very easy it is to size them to the best working ability possible. This is for Windows 7 onwards.

Two windows

Start with opening the two applications you wish to work with. I have Word and Excel nearly all the time open at the same time on my screen. I also have a beautiful large screen, which certainly helps. Two apps open

This is how the two windows opened on my machine.

      • Move your mouse to the title bar of one of the windows.
      • Click with the left mouse button.
      • Hold it down and drag to the left or right of the screen and when you see a ghost image you can let go of the mouse.
      • Click on the window you require for the other half of the screen.

Before you select the second window your screen would look like something like this.One half choice of othersI like to click hold and throw the window to the left or right of the screen. I don’t have to be precise and it’s more fun anyway to throw the window with glee.

Your screen would look like this. One half choice of othersUnequal size of two windows

If you do not require the two windows to be equal in size you can drag the side of one window to make it smaller and the other will fill the gap and become larger. To do this move your mouse to the side of the window and the mouse will change to a two-way arrow. Click hold and drag to the desired size. Result 2


More windows

If you click hold and drag a title bar to a corner of your screen you can add another window to your selection. Result 3

Using Keys

An even quicker way to arrange your windows is using the Windows and arrow keys.

Have two or more windows open, overlapping or maximized.

  • Click on the one you need to work on.
  • Hold down the Windows Key and press the Left arrow key. This makes that window fill the left half of your screen.
  • Click on one of the other windows to fill the right side of your screen.
  • Use the right arrow key if you need the first window to sit on the right.

If you need several windows on your screen, use the above sequence to fill either the left or right half of the screen.

  • Click on one of the other windows. This will fill the other half of the screen.
  • Hold down the Windows key and use th down arrow key to shrink that window to a quarter of the screen. This allows you to click on a third window to fill the final quarter.


When you need to minimize a window, select the one you need to minimize.

  • Hold down the Windows Key and use the down arrow key to shrink it a bit.
  • Use the down arrow key again to minimize the window to the task bar.


  • Select a window to be maximized.
  • Hold down the Windows key.
  • Use the up arrow.

Hope this was not just fun to do but will ease you working on more than one application at the same time.

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