Exit - Image Source : pixabay.comDo you get thoroughly frustrated when you have worked hard all day and then you need to spend what seems like half an hour closing and saving files you have used throughout the day?

We used to have a lovely thing called Exit in the file list of all applications. There are a couple of ways to close your files. At the top right of the window is a close button.

Close Window Tool

This closes one file at a time.

The second way is to right click the application icon at the bottom of your screen on the task bar. Task Bar Icons

This list appears.Close All Windows

You will see that there is a “Close All Windows” listed. Well that’s great if all the files have been saved when you leave them. If not, then you will be stopped and asked if you want to save the changes. If so, you need to assign a name and location to that file and start all over again closing the rest. This will happen for each file that has not been saved previously.

So what is the alternative and faster way?

As I have mentioned, in older versions of Microsoft applications we had the word Exit in the dropdown list from File. We do have the ability to place an Exit button on the Quick Access Toolbar. This is how we do it.

  • In the All Commands list activate the list by clicking one on one of the tools.
  • I know that Exit begins with an ‘E’ but that will take you to the beginning of the list of tools that begin with ‘E’. So type in ‘F’ instead.
  • Exit sits about 6 tools up.
  • Select it and then select the Add button in the centre.
  • I suggest that you move this tool to the start of the quick access toolbar as there it will be out of the way until you need it. I’m sure you will be adding lots of new tools to this bar in the near future. a list of tools

When you click this button, the application will close all files that have been saved. save dont save dialogboxYou are only asked if you wish to save the changes to unsaved files. If there is one or two that have not been given a name or location then you can that at this time. The file is saved and closed and the application continue to the next file until there are none left and the application closes down.

This works in all Microsoft applications.

Happy closures everyone!



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