Infor links CRM to LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Image credit: Pixabay/Coffeebeanworks/Infor/LinkedIN)

Infor announced today that it has integrated its CRM solution with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It was one of several announcements during the Inforum keynote. Infor has been quiet about its CRM product in recent years. This seems to be changing this year. Infor also announced a new AI platform, Coleman that will integrate with its CRM solution. This will bring augmented intelligence functionality to the CRM solution.

Understanding your customer better

Infor is not the first CRM solution to announce integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When the product launched in 2014 the initial partners were Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Sugar CRM, Hubspot and Dynamics 365 have all made integration announcements in the last few weeks.

Jason Rushforth,Vice President & General Manager - CRM Business Unit at Infor (Source LinkedIn)
Jason Rushforth,Vice President & General Manager – CRM Business Unit at Infor

For Infor the integration with Linked is another example of how Infor is willing to integrate its solutions to different applications that can fulfil a need that it absent from their own ecosystem. The integration brings a number of insides direct to the desktop of CRM users. That information can include recommendations about contacts, job changes and is aimed to gather more quickly, relevant information about a company. For example, understanding who within an organisation works within Marketing, Sales or service and helping to create links to those people can be invaluable.

Jason Rushforth, vice president and general manager, Infor Customer Experience commented: “It’s no exaggeration to say that salespeople succeed or fail by their contact data. Integrating leading tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Infor CRM can help arm our customers with the information they need to be competitive in today’s aggressive selling environment.”

The solution will become available in the summer 2017 edition of Infor CRM.

What does this mean

CRM has moved up the agenda recently with several companies making big announcements. Infor were quick to point out that their CRM solution has a significant user base. They also seem to be investing more heavily in the product than they have in recent times.  The integration with LinkedIn was something that they needed to implement just to keep level with competitor solutions. The big question is what their AI solution can deliver to customers in the near future.



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