Selecting the correct email to send from for bulk mail merge - Image by Micha from PixabayI hope you have enjoyed my tips in mail merge in Word. Continuing on the theme of bulk mail merge using email, and don’t forget the Wizard way, some of you may well have several email accounts. If this is the case when you use the mail merge to emails in Word, your default account is used. You will need to change this if you need to use a different account.

How to change your default email account

  • Open Outlook
  • Select the [File tab]

You are presented with something like this.Your Account Information

By default, you are in the Info section.

  • Under the heading [Account Information] locate the mail account that is set as a default
  • Select the dropdown arrow.

A list like this will appear. List of your email accounts

  • Select the account you desire

This is not the end

  • Select the word [File] at the top of your Outlook window.
  • Select [Options] at the bottom of the left hand-side list. Outlook Options
  • Select the [mail] section on the left.
  • Check the box [Always use the default account when composing new messages]

use default account Check

N.B. Don’t forget to reset these settings once you have completed your bulk email mail merge.

Now when you create the bulk email from your desired account everyone will know who to reply to.

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