E-mail merge with a Wizard - mage by Willgard Krause from PixabayIn my last tip I talked about how to do a mail merge to a number of people with extra items and emailing the letter rather than posting it. It is good practice not to show the list of recipients when you email too many. Using Mail Merge helps you avoid that. In the previous tip, I did say that there was a second way. This was using the Step-by-Step Wizard. We will investigate that way here. I find this way suits some not all. The choice is yours.

Where to start

Start in the Word document you wish to send out. The example shows there are four areas that will be filled in with specific information pertinent to each recipient. We will be replacing these with filed codes. Mail merge is simply two files that come together at certain points you specify. One is the letter and the other a list, which I find Excel excellent to use.

Example of the letter. Example Letter

Example of the spreadsheet.

email list for Wizard mail merge
all emails are fake
  • In the master letter, highlight the first text to be replaced with a filed code.
  • From the [Mailings] Tab. Mailings Tab
  • Select [Start Mail Merge tool]. Start Mail Merge Tool
  • Select [Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard…] from the dropdown menu. Step by step wizard

When you do, the right-hand side of your window will reveal the mail merge wizard steps. Wizard screen

These steps help you to work in an orderly fashion and give you pointers as to where to go next.

Six Steps

Step 1

  • Select [E-mail messages]. Step 1

Step 2

  • Select the [Next: Starting document] that is in blue at the bottom of that pane. Step 2

Step 3

  • Select [Next: Select recipients] Step 3
  • Select [Browse… ].
  • Locate and open the list you created in Excel. I named mine master list of contacts.

Master list for mail merge wizard

  • I am using all the names so select the [OK Button].

Step 4

  • Select [Next: Write your e-mail message].
  • Move to the first area “first name” delete it and from the right-hand side pane select [More items…].

Step 4

This list appears.

  • Select [first name].
  • Select [Insert button].
  • Select [Cancel button]. You need to do this so as to be able to move to the next text to be replaced.
  • Move to and highlight the next word “publication”.
  • From the right-hand pane select [more items…].
  • Select [Publication].
  • Select [Insert button].
  • Select [Cancel button].
  • Move to and highlight the word “date”.
  • From the right hand pane select [more items…]
  • Select [date].
  • Select [Insert button].
  • Select [Cancel button].
  • Move to and highlight the word “time”.
  • From the right hand pane select [more items…].
  • Select [time].
  • Select [Insert button].
  • Select [Cancel button].

Another Quicker way

Another way is to insert all the fields at the same time and then move them to the correct places, by highlighting and dragging. This may be quicker but needs a little more concentration to move the correct item to the correct place with the chevrons around the field code.

All fields inserted

Your document will look like this. final stage document

Step 5

  • From the right-hand pane, select [Next: Preview your e-mail messages]. Step 5

Your letter will hold all the correct names and times that are found in your list. Please check the layout and formatting is correct and spaces where there should be spaces.

Step 6

  • Select [Next: Complete the merge].
  • Select [Electronic Mail button]. Step 6

All done and all gone.

Which ever way you choose to use, I wish you happy mail merging to email.

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