Hands Image credit Pixabay\Truthseeker08Forter has launched a new partner program to help organisations fight fraud with their clients. Skyquest estimates the Global eCommerce market will hit $57.74 trillion by 2028. One of the challenges to that growth highlighted by the analyst firm is cybercrime. Forter’s solutions aim to mitigate that risk by using its sophisticated models and dark web research to identify and reduce the impact of fraud.

Forter is one of the leading organisations fighting fraud. Last year, it processed over $350 billion in gross merchandise value for over 200,000 businesses worldwide, including industry leaders such as ASOS, Nordstrom and Priceline.

The new partner program aims to support organisations looking to work with Forter in two key areas: those who want to build new solutions and those who want to prospect and sell Forters solutions. These also define the two partner types and associated benefits; partners can be both.

Forter is open to partnering with various organisations, including financial institutions, marketplace operators, independent software vendors, payment service providers, system integrators, consultancies, and agencies.

Adam Vissing, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at IXOPAY
Adam Vissing, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at IXOPAY

Its latest partner, IXOPAY, is a leading payment orchestration platform provider. It aims to integrate its platform with Forter and resell the fraud prevention solutions to its existing merchants. Adam Vissing, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at IXOPAY, commented, “With Forter, we have gained a strong, global partner for our customers. Currently, more than 10,000 businesses worldwide rely on Forter’s platform.

“The ongoing development of both solutions provides our customers with the assurance that they can rely on the highest quality, contain threats in the long term and ensure stable customer relationships. We look forward to continuing to work with Forter to develop world-class services and further expand our relationship.”

Why join?

The partner program offers benefits to both Build and Sell partners. They include marketing, technical and co-selling benefits. The program targets firms that act as trusted advisors and partners to merchants who want to secure their transactions against fraud, reduce chargebacks and maximise revenue.

There is also another level of partner, strategic partnerships that are deeper and have delivered organisations major benefits. Two of these partnerships are Astound and Salesforce. Andrew Leibowitz, SVP Client Success, Astound Commerce, commented, “Forter’s Trust Platform is critical for safeguarding brands against evolving fraud threats in modern commerce environments. Our partnership with Forter is built on a shared mission of helping merchants stay ahead of fraudsters while maintaining customer trust. Together, we drive meaningful business results by blocking fraud, driving digital growth, and optimising the customer experience.”

Salesforce has a close relationship with Forter with Salesforce Ventures, an investor. Forter also added the Forter Plugin to the Appexchange in June last year, further cementing the relationship and allowing organisations like Snipes to connect the two solutions.

Ryan Quaye, VP of Growth and Alliances, Forter
Ryan Quaye, VP of Growth and Alliances, Forter

Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer, Snipes, commented, “I was excited about a Salesforce re-platform at Snipes. And because Salesforce is partnered with Forter, the implementation was quick and painless – it made an immediate impact that was measurable.”

Ryan Quaye, VP of Growth and Alliances, Forter, commented, “We understand the crucial role ​partners play in the digital commerce ecosystem. You serve as the trusted advisors for merchants looking to modernise their people, processes, and technology for the new age of digital commerce and we look forward to inviting you to participate in the Forter Partner Program.”

Enterprise Times

Forter is now looking to formalise an ecosystem that already has several partners. Before IXOPAY, it also added WIX as a partner. What is different is that it has not announced a partner grading system of bronze, silver, gold or similar. Instead, it has opted for a simpler approach. Whether these exist under the hood is unclear.

Some of the benefits listed in the partner documentation are by invitation only, such as Access to Forter-sourced leads: in-territory (Sales), Engineering Roundtables (Technical) and a co-branded page on the Forter website (Marketing). Most other benefits are available to Build and/or Sell Partners.

In creating a more formalised partner program, though, Forter should find attracting and signing up new partners worldwide easier. It will be interesting to see how many join up in the coming months. For Forter, the faster it expands its partnership network, the bigger the exponential growth of its customer base and, possibly more importantly, the transaction data it will have access to. In other words, this is a smart move by Forter to accelerate growth.


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