NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: The latest product to Nosto’s CXP is available globally now and follows the acquisitions of eCommerce site search solution, SearchNode, and product discovery platform, Findologic. Square Appointments has revealed the impact that scheduling software had on UK’s dynamic Beauty and Personal Care (B&PC) industry. Mapp becomes a Certified Member of MACH Alliance. Expansion of the SCA will Help Enterprises Gain Knowledge and Insights About Their Customers Through Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud.

Nosto launches site search within its Commerce Experience Platform (CXP)

Nosto, a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has launched its experience platform for online brands: eCommerce site search. Following the acquisitions of search technologies Findologic and SearchNode in 2022, Nosto’s new search product leverages more than a decade of technical eCommerce search experience. It ensures that Nosto’s CXP offers the most relevant search results on the market. Additionally, it combines this with Nosto’s core capabilities, allowing for highly personalized search results.

Search is one of the strongest signals of buying intent, but, until now, valuable search data has been left siloed within stand-alone point solutions. Launching search as part of their unified CXP means retailers can leverage the full power of search data across their entire store. This opens up massive opportunities for retailers to create personalized, authentic, and relevant customer experiences at every touchpoint, influencing product recommendations, content personalisation and merchandising.

Critical to delivering a superior search experience is relevance. However the huge amounts of data and complex shopper queries for retailers to manage makes it a key challenge. To alleviate this, and achieve relevancy from the get-go, Nosto’s search is built on artificial intelligence that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and self-learning algorithms. This unlocks an online store’s performance by understanding true shopper intent for hyper-relevant online experiences–and it supports this in 30+ different languages.

A rich feature set out of the box also includes: error tolerance, autocomplete, dynamic facets and filters, relevant matching, automated synonym detection, enriched data management, powerful ‘searchandising’ through individual query and global merchandising rules, A/B testing to optimize strategies, and advanced reporting.

Booking software boosts revenue and resiliency for beauty and personal care SMEs

Square Appointments has revealed the impact that scheduling software has had on the UK’s dynamic Beauty and Personal Care (B&PC) industry, a sector worth £8.6bn. UK businesses that use Square Appointments saw an average of 50% increase in year-on-year reservations last year, demonstrating the growth potential across the industry with the adoption of Square Appointments growing 44% year-on-year among beauty businesses.

Scheduling and appointment software stays on the clock, working for UK’s Beauty and Personal Care businesses, even when they’re closed. Square found that 39% of appointments are booked overnight in the UK when salons are closed. Demonstrating the huge amount of business that would have been lost without products like Square Appointments that operate 24/7.

For beauty and personal care businesses, it’s vital to unlock new revenue streams in today’s challenging trading environment. Selling beauty products online as well as in-store is a channel for growth. Square has seen a 42% increase in the number of UK Beauty and Personal Care merchants selling items online.

Digitising appointment scheduling cuts down on admin, giving time back to Beauty and Personal Care professionals to deliver a great customer experience. For businesses that use Square Appointments, the data found that 45% of all UK bookers have been repeat customers. Retaining customers is critical – and businesses can further boost retention by integrating tools like Square Loyalty and Square Marketing with appointment software.

Square Appointments is a point-of-sale solution for booking, payment, team management and more. It provides a free customisable booking website, the opportunity to sell products via Square Online. It turns social media platforms into tools to grow client bases, drive bookings and increase online sales.

Mapp joins MACH Alliance to help eCommerce brands Future-Proof digital experiences

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, announced today it had joined the MACH Alliance. The Mach Alliance is a non-profit organization advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.

Launched in 2020, the MACH Alliance’s mission is to future-proof and drive current and future digital experiences with modern and connected enterprise technology. As a new member, Mapp is in good company alongside other MACH Alliance-certified technology vendors supporting fast-growing eCommerce brands, such as VTEX, BigCommerce, Akeneo, Algolia and many others.

Mapp believes in helping brands achieve long-term success by improving the digital customer experience. To make the most of their marketing ecosystem today, businesses need API-first platforms that help connect their data, unlock additional capabilities among their MarTech stack, and optimize the entire customer experience. With the MACH ecosystem, brands can build an individual technology environment and tailor it to their requirements, to achieve greater ROI more quickly.

Treasure Data expands global strategic collaboration Agreement with AWS

Treasure Data, a leading customer data platform (CDP) provider, has announced multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The agreement will help companies accelerate digital transformation journeys and deliver omnichannel-connected customer experiences. Through increased product support, joint solutions development, and collaborative go-to-market planning and execution, the expanded partnership provides Treasure Data’s global customers with more robust and streamlined service.

Built on AWS, Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud, is an integrated suite of cloud-based customer data platform solutions. It powers the entire enterprise to embrace customer centricity and connect customer experiences. The new three-year alliance with AWS deepens the companies’ collaboration across functions, including sales, marketing, customer support, channel programs, training, enablement, and more.

Enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation journeys with a strong focus on data analytics and insights to keep pace with changing customer habits. Treasure Data and AWS have committed to a broad range of joint activities and investments across critical verticals, including retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), automotive, travel and hospitality, finance, media and entertainment, and life sciences and pharmaceuticals. The deeper technical partnership will bring increased product and service integrations and go-to-market business cooperation. This is expected to deliver innovative products and services to Treasure Data and AWS customers.

In addition to the strategic collaboration agreement with AWS, Treasure Data is launching to customers of AWS Clean Rooms. A new cloud analytics service that enables companies and their partners to more easily and securely match, analyse, and collaborate on their collective datasets. This is achieved without sharing or revealing underlying data.


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