Rings SAP Precisely Certified, Image credit Pixabay/The DigitalArtist and Image by harshahars from Pixabay Precisely continues to strengthen its relationship with both SAP and its technology stack. It has announced that the latest version of Automate Function Module, AFM 20.3.1, is now certified for integrations to three SAP environments.

  • SAP S/4HANA 2022 Cloud, private edition
  • SAP S/4HANA 2022 Cloud, extended edition
  • RISE with SAP

To support the latest release of S/4HANA, existing customers should upgrade AFM to the latest version. Customers can contact Precisely Customer Support to access the latest product sets.

AFM is a component of the Precisely Automate technology stack that it acquired from Winshuttle. AFM enables organisations to create scripts and queries based on tables, LDBs and infosets to draw information from different fields within SAP solutions.

It connects Precisely solutions with SAP environments, enabling organisations to leverage the Precisely portfolio of SAP process automation, product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM) solutions. These solutions are especially useful in extracting consistent data from SAP solutions, especially when used to migrate from solutions such as SAP ECC.

The Precisely solutions that are supported by AFM 20.3.1. are:

  • Automate Evolve: the leading process automation platform specifically designed to digitise strategic SAP data processes
  • Automate Studio: the premier Excel-to-SAP solutions platform that enables business users to automate complex SAP business processes and make mass data changes quickly and easily
  • Automate Studio Manager: a powerful administration and governance platform for Automate Studio licenses, enabling customers to get granular control over sharing content, assigning licenses, executing jobs from the server, and much more
  • EnterWorks: an enterprise-grade PIM, MDM, and DAM (digital asset management) data hub that helps customers to compete and thrive in today’s digital economy—across all channels

Digital Transformation is a journey

Organizations looking to complete digital transformation projects must consider the technology that helps them get there. That journey is complex, much like the transport systems that take one on holiday require many parts. Automating those processes is a key part of the journey, as without automation, IT teams rely on spreadsheets and other legacy methods to achieve the required data transfers.

John Reda, Senior Vice President – Product Management at Precisely.
John Reda, Senior Vice President – Product Management at Precisely.

The same is true for the digitisation of supply chains. A SAPInsider report, sponsored by Precisely, looked at the automation of processes in the supply chain. 89% of survey respondents believe process automation in the supply chain is either “important” or “very important” to attain digital transformation objectives. Getting to intelligent ERP is enabled faster with these tools.

John Reda, SVP product management – data integration at Precisely, commented, “With SAP confirming it will be reducing support for ECC by 2027, there is no better time for businesses to unlock new efficiencies with automated business processes across mission-critical operations.

“Fast and agile SAP automation, and multi-domain master data management that includes SAP master data, is crucial for maximising data processes and unlocking true value from S/4HANA investments. The new certification underscores our continued commitment to support customers by ensuring there is no lapse in support for business-critical SAP processes.”

Enterprise Times

Over the last few years, Precisely and Winshuttle before it has consistently updated the AFM solution. This latest update demonstrates the importance of the SAP ecosystem to Precisely and its commitment to ensuring that its solutions are compatible with the latest versions of SAP ERP solutions.

It shows that the relationship between Precisely and SAP is healthy at a technology level, with Precisely having access to the latest updates to ensure its solutions are ready. With the success of RISE with SAP, this is sensible for both parties as it not only helps Precisely, it also ensures that organisations can rise with SAP and migrate to S/4HANA and avoid some of the pitfalls that migrations bring.


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