Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayIt was a quiet news week for PSA, PPM and Work management vendors. Just Replicon and Screendragon announcements came to our attention during the week.


Replicon has rebranded with a new logo and launched what it claims is the world’s first knowledge management solution powered by ZeroTime, its AI-enabled time-tracking solution. The solution includes a unified data platform that combines people, projects, skills and time data. The re-branding includes a new logo and colour palette across its solutions, its website and collateral.

The new look includes improved accessibility, high readability and a responsive UI on its platform. The elevated experience with Replicon solutions now has a simple and clean layout, a fast and smooth experience and ease of navigation across a modern and mobile UI.

Lakshmi Raj, Co-CEO at Replicon, commented, “As businesses are becoming data-driven organizations, Replicon’s new bold vision and elevated product experience will provide organizations with a single source of truth for people, projects, skills and time.

“Our Knowledge Workforce Management Solution complements this vision by enabling organizations to navigate the current industry disruption. Our revolutionary ZeroTime capabilities will be game-changing for the industry and elevate the overall employee experience.”


Screendragon announced a new partnership with Credera that will see Credera help its clients with deployments of Screendragon. Credera is a change and program management consultancy that assists organisations through their digital transformation programs.

Josh Nicholson, managing director and head of MarTech and marketing transformation at Credera UK, commented, “Credera’s partnership with Screendragon will further aid how we serve our clients in making an extraordinary impact for their customers. Credera is uniquely positioned to maximize Screendragon’s impact through its relationships with chief marketing officers and chief information officers and Credera’s renowned expertise in marketing technology implementation.”

Fergus Ashe, chief commercial officer at Screendragon, commented, “In a post-COVID world, more companies are facing margin pressure and a need to unlock productivity from a hybrid workforce as they drive digital transformation. Within this environment, Screendragon is increasingly the go-to-partner for unleashing talent, optimizing marketing processes, and getting a higher return on investment from marketing efforts.

“With Credera’s vast experience in MarTech implementation and their proven change management capability, we’re excited about the impact that Screendragon and Credera’s partnership will have on Screendragon and Credera clients.”

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 30th January 2023



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