How to get a virtual business address in London - Image by StartupStockPhotos from PixabayAre you looking for an alternative to using your home address to do business? Then you may have to consider using a virtual business address in London. Every business in the UK requires a registered address. Finding an office in a good location in London is difficult. Most of the office space has already been taken. Furthermore, those that are available are very expensive. If you have a small business or are planning to start one, a virtual office is the right solution for you.

Every modern office of the mentioned kind goes with a virtual address. This is the address you will use at the Companies House. According to the Hoxton Mix, your business address is important for legal reasons. It is what other businesses will use to correspond with you. Therefore, startups may use their home address, but it might not be an ideal solution.

As well, a virtual business address is the best option to save money. For instance, some organisations use the addresses of their accountants. This may be quite costly, depending on how the charges are levied. As for a virtual office, you can get one located in a secure business area of London with all the benefits. Plus, such an office supports remote workflow avoiding extra expenses on special equipment, etc. So how can you get a virtual address in London? Continue reading to find out!

Benefits of a virtual address

A virtual address is important for several reasons. The main advantages of using a virtual address include the following:

1.      Getting a registered address

The most important one is that it allows you to start a business within the UK. Whether outside the country or just wanting to work remotely, a virtual address allows you to have a secure, dedicated registered address for your company.

It is very important to have an address as it makes you look more professional. Investors and business partners would be willing to work with you if you have a registered business address. Anything else may come across as suspicious.

2.      Privacy

Many people who use their home addresses to do business don’t have privacy. Your home address will be listed on the Companies House. You have no control over who views it. Once it is listed, it will be difficult to remove it. So from the start, you should use a virtual address instead.

3.      Cost-effective reasons

An office in a prominent location in London is expensive. You also have to think about overheads such as rates, electricity, and fitting out the office. Avoid this and save money by using a virtual address.

What service companies can offer for you

Usually, many niche companies provide packages that include physical addresses for your business. You can use this address to register with the Companies House and HMRC. The services are flexible and designed to make your work easier.

You can look more professional by using an actual office address in popular areas within London. It is not only limited to a registered address. Other services are available such as mail redirection and handling.

1.      Mail Collection

A virtual office would be useless if they couldn’t collect and store your mail for you. A mail collection service will enable you to collect your mail at your convenience. The virtual office will notify you when there is mail to collect, so you do not need to waste time and money travelling to get it.

2.      Mail redirection

When your mail is sent to a physical office, you need a way to collect it. One option is to visit the office now and then to collect mail, mail collection (qv). However, this can take time and money. So the best option is to have the virtual office forward all your mail to your home address. That way, you can save time and money.

Some mail redirecting services come with an extra charge. Charges are affordable and billed on a monthly or yearly basis. The virtual office’s sales team can help you to choose the best subscription that will work well for your business.

Mail redirection works for mail coming from outside the UK as well. You can also include several addresses where things can be sent once they arrive at the virtual address

Companies can also forward your parcels to you. Once they arrive at the office, you can choose the forwarding address.

3.      Mail handling

Dealing with mail is time-consuming and in volume overwhelming. It can also detract from the time spent running the business and generating revenue. It is also difficult to prioritise which envelope contains the important letter and which is just junk mail. To avoid this, you need a mail-handling service.

A mail handling service will open, scan, and email any physical post received. The scanned mail can also be saved to a shared cloud storage area rather than emailed. Where appropriate, the physical mail is securely shredded and disposed of. It allows you to quickly scan emails or files to prioritise important mail. This also comes with an additional cost. The payment is every month. You can sign up for a subscription that includes this service. There is also an option to have the mail forwarded to you so you can still have the physical copy.

4.      Virtual office

Virtual offices can also come with working spaces and meeting rooms. You can also just opt to use meeting rooms whenever there is a need. Using the virtual office gives you a real feel of what working in an actual office is like. Virtual Offices will have additional features that make your work more efficient. You may choose to have a hot desk or a dedicated desk at the location. There will also be additional facilities such as reception, furniture, and internet.

Final thoughts

Having a registered address in London is a requirement to start a business. Any small business or anyone looking to start a company in London can use a virtual address. This is an actual address, but you won’t have to move into the office space. You use it to register your business. It is also a way for you to receive mail from business partners, customers, and suppliers.

A virtual address makes you more trustworthy while keeping your family safe. Enjoy your privacy while working from home. Companies offer additional services such as redirecting and handling mail. You can get a virtual address to start a business at an affordable price. Get in touch with us for the best addresses in London.

Hoxton MixThe Hoxton Mix is a leading virtual office provider headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company takes a technology-first approach to virtual office solutions, helping over forty thousand SMEs anywhere to have a presence in London and manage their business remotely.


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