TotalMobile Insight (c) 2022 TotalmobileTotalmobile has enhanced its existing solution with the launch of Insight, a cloud-based field service intelligence solution. Insight is based on the IP that Totalmobile obtained when it acquired Cognito IQ. The new cloud-based solution delivers visual insights across mobile working, scheduling, workforce rostering, lone worker protection and job management.

At the heart of Insight is a dashboard that visualises data to enable field services leaders to understand pain points quickly. It also surfaces the service and employee performance metrics from across their mobile workforce. The data is collected in real-time from the mobile devices of field service engineers. That data is not just collected from Totalmobile. Enterprise Times asked Totalmobile where else the data was collected from. The response: “Currently pulls data from other TM solutions (mostly mobile) but can be integrated with 3rd party mobile.”

The solution is already in use with several customers, including Baxi Heating, Konica Minolta, and Computacenter and is now generally available. Chris Riley, Head of Sales Operations for Baxi, said: “We will be able to delve into data for compliance needs and truly analyse whether we are delivering on the promises we make to our customers every day. The system interface is so easy to use that no in-depth training is needed. From our initial roll out in the UK we can already tell that it improves our day to day decision making and forecasting. Essentially it helps structure where the business is going.”

Insight makes your mobile workforce data work for you

Insight delivers a mix of data maps, tables within dashboards that provide the operational insights and employee analytics that are often reported at the end of the day, week or month. It provides the information in near real-time, enabling faster pre-emptive decision-making. The solution provides insights into areas such as service delivery, risk assessments and can highlight areas for improvement. The reporting can provide trend analysis over time, enabling managers to note changes in performance that might need action.

Insight provides intelligence around metrics such as:

  • Geofence data
  • Driver Score
  • Travel duration
  • Task duration
  • Productivity
  • Utilisation
  • SLA Pass
  • Net Promoter score
  • Revisit and recall rate

The data is presented so that users understand not only the current score but also whether this is at an acceptable level with a series of traffic light dots. Data is presented across a set of six Key Performance Areas (KPAs). These, according to Totalmobile, can be customised based on customer preference. However, they tend to be across areas such as productivity, utilisation, first time fix rate, NPS, cancelled tasks, efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, compliance task duration and geofencing accuracy.

Totalmobile Insight Dashboard

Each individual has a score out of a hundred built up from the six KPA’s selected by the customer. It will enable them to identify high performers and areas of weakness for further training or high performance for recognition.

What is next?

Totalmobile has worked on this solution for several months, embedding it into its existing platform. Pricing for the new solution has not yet been announced, but this new solution can be implemented within two weeks, according to the company.

What is on the future roadmap, though? Totalmobile responded: “Enhancing Employee Performance Management (EPM) element to the solution with more detailed worker scorecards and aggregated performance metrics as well as evolving predictive intelligence to act as a “virtual coach” to planners to better enable continuous improvement. There is ongoing work around enhanced capacity planning capabilities.”

One set of metrics that is absent from the Insight platform is sustainability. Enterprise Times asked Totalmobile if there is an intention to build in sustainability metrics. They replied: “Not to date, as hasn’t been a specific requirement, but absolutely something we could do and would like to explore with users as the push towards greater sustainability continues.”

With the current emphasis on sustainability across different industries, it will be interesting to see whether customer demand quickly drives this update.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Insight is an easy-to-use solution. Once deployed, it will give users visibility of how their mobile workforce is performing against SLAs as individuals, and teams. It can help organisations make decisions faster around resolving issues, reducing risks or increasing training.

Insight provides field service leaders with a tool that will enable them to measure, monitor and subsequently improve their mobile workforce operations efficiently.

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile
Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile

Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile, commented: “Any organisation that has a large field-based workforce understands the challenge of staying in control of present-day service delivery. With unforeseen changes to the day, such as sickness, traffic and jobs overrunning, even the best of plans quickly become obsolete. However, currently organisations only uncover this as they review historical performance. At this stage, it’s too late to do anything about it and often SLAs have been missed and capacity has almost certainly been wasted.

“Combining predictive intelligence with detailed historical data and guidance to optimise the delivery of future services means that users have access to a comprehensive field service intelligence solution that empowers them to continuously improve, even in the most challenging of operational environments.”



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