elearning - IMage credit PIxabay/guilossioVubiz eLearning has launched a brand new harassment prevention series. The eLearning company now offers an extensive catalog of online courses. This includes harassment prevention, compliance, business, health and safety, customer service and banking. These modern eLearning courses include live videos, animations, interactive questions, quizzes and real-work scenarios. Vubiz also offers an LMS, custom content development and a web-based authoring tool. Having won best-in-class for their harassment training courses for eight consecutive years to 2019, it has now updated and relaunched them.

James Rapino Vubiz PresidentSpeaking on why Vubiz has launched new eLearning courses for 2022, Vubiz president James Rapino stated, “We don’t want to offer the same content over and over – every year we get creative and present a brand new course with new features while covering new threats in the workplace.”

Clearly, keeping the content current and relevant is the key to maintaining a proactive stance on workplace issues. What sets Vubiz apart from competitors is that the eLearning courses cover all jurisdictions in every state across the US and every province in Canada. Therefore, the online learning courses are continuously examined for legislative changes and kept up to date. The new harassment course also covers Australia and comes in English, French and Spanish language options.

Another aspect that sets Vubiz apart from other online learning platforms is the low cost and the ability to keep a finger on the pulse of what training is needed at the right time. As companies navigate through the easing of Covid restrictions and the changes to working environments, Vubiz has offered free courses, including: ‘Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees and ‘Returning to the Workplace During a Pandemic.

What are the effects of harassment in the workplace?

Harassment, including sexual harassment in the workplace, has serious repercussions across businesses, including your company’s reputation and finances. More importantly, it impacts employees’ mental health, morale, productivity as well as causing hiring and staff retention problems. An introduction to Vubiz’s new sexual harassment training includes a brief foreword about the effects of sexual harassment in the workplace, citing that “everyone loses when sexual harassment occurs”.

In 2020, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received over 6,500 claims of sexual harassment. This resulted in $65 million in direct settlements. Furthermore, a Deloitte study found that productivity loss due to sexual harassment costs companies $2.62 billion.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Vubiz’s brand new 2022 harassment prevention training highlights the importance of tackling sexual harassment in the workplace. Ensuring the content is up to date and relevant maintains a proactive stance in fighting discrimination at work. It provides fresh content to ensure employers and employees are engaged and taking note of the seriousness of the situation. Vubiz is right in stating that everyone loses when sexual harassment occurs. This is reiterated in the new training courses. The financial impact is huge, with over $65 million direct settlements in 2020 in the US alone. Offering effective online training is a smart business decision to protect your employees and maintain a respectful and harassment-free workplace.


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