Scott Bader site (c) 2021 Scott Bader - from Infor PRAs part of its 2036 vision, Scott Bader is to implement Infor CloudSuite Chemicals on a multi-tenant cloud platform hosted by AWS. The decision sees the global chemical company upgrade from the Infor M3 ERP solution the company deployed several years ago.

The initial agreement is for six years and will become a rolling agreement thereafter. As part of the project, it will redefine, standardise and improve its priority business processes. Scott Bader has hired a transformation manager to assist with this task and will leverage the expertise of Infor professional services as well.

The project

Scott Bader will deploy the solution to 380 users, based in 7 manufacturing plants and 17 offices worldwide. The pilot is believed to begin in North America with the US and Canada. Other geographies, the UK, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and South Africa will follow.

The company expects to complete the first phase of the project in 2022. This will include the creation of standardised process templates for use across the organisation. The aim is to normalise the data and have the ability to create accurate reports from across the company. In turn, this should improve decision making and improve the agility of the organisation.

The company will leverage Infor OS to integrate with several third-party solutions. These include several specialized solutions for dealing with hazardous carriage, technical and quality systems related to the products. It will roll out modules for Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Quality. However, it will continue to use Oracle HCM which is already used by most of its 750 employees by November 2021.

Scott Bader did not reveal who else was on the shortlist. It would seem likely that Oracle would have been an option. It was the integration capabilities of the Infor OS that helped to swing the decision, according to the release. One suspects that cost may also have been a factor.

Mike Findlay-Wilson, Group CIO at Scott Bader commented: “Seven strategic goals drive Scott Bader. These include striving for excellence, developing excellent partnerships with customers and suppliers, protecting our environment and going beyond the demands of compliance.

“To achieve these goals, our business demands the best processes and an ability to stay continually up to date with the supporting technologies. Therefore, we have chosen to move to the cloud with Infor.”

Enterprise Times

While this is more a customer upgrade, Scott Bader would almost certainly have made it a competitive tender. Scott Bader having already selected Oracle HCM, Infor can celebrate this success a bit more than just winning an upgrade. Chemicals are one of the key target industries for Infor. However, it is a fiercely competitive market with organisations like SAP, IFS and Oracle all having competing solutions.

Anwen Robinson, senior vice-president and general manager for United Kingdom & Ireland at Infor
Anwen Robinson, senior vice-president and general manager for United Kingdom & Ireland at Infor

Anwen Robinson, Infor general manager and senior vice-president for UK & Ireland commented: “Chemicals leaders such as Scott Bader recognise the benefits of our industry-specific functionality in combination with the improvements that deployment in the cloud brings. This transition to Infor CloudSuite Chemicals is the latest stage in our relationship that will help deliver better planning, scheduling and processes to keep Scott Bader at the forefront of a demanding global market.”

Once deployed, Infor will hope that Scott Bader can become a customer advocate for its expertise in the Chemicals Industry as it did when it first deployed Infor M3.


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