Forel image (c) Forel/SoftOne 2021Forel has deployed Soft1 ERP to bring together the management of its operations. The project was carried out by Orosimo Software, a SoftOne certified partner. Forel has now unified its CRM, commercial and finance operations onto a single platform. The solution was also integrated into its eCommerce platform and its shipping management platform.

The solution now fully automates the end to end process of online business operations from order taking through payment to delivery. Forel leverages the Soft1 Mobile Warehouse application, enabling the team to manage stock within its warehouse efficiently. Features include receiving items, picking up commodities, internal trafficking, and stock-taking.

Improving efficiency in a fashion manufacturer

Founded in 1986, Forel manufactures and sells women’s garments for all ages across multiple channels. These include its own shops, outlets within stores and partner stores throughout Greece and abroad. Its clothing now sells on five continents, and it is one of the largest fashion exporters based in Greece.

SoftOne’s ERP solution now supports the entire business operation. It will better manage inventory across its physical and virtual channels on a secure cloud platform. Ultimately the improvements to stock inventory management ensure a higher percentage of deliveries exceed expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Within the manufacturing process, Soft1 also helps with quality control. It manages the sampling processes enabling Forel to check metrics such as colour and size. It will then release samples into stock and update the raw materials inventory based on the bill of materials used in production. Soft1 can help better forecast and provide ordering reports to reduce wastage and improve profitability with complete sales visibility.

Thomas Chatzoulas, President & CEO of Forel, commented: “Soft1 is a contemporary ERP solution that fully supports all aspects of the clothing industry, ensuring seamless retail operation. It features powerful functionality that fully automates time-consuming daily tasks, providing our company with significant cost savings as well as better resources allocation.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While Forel indicates that it sells its clothes worldwide, the only outlets mentioned on its website are within Greece. If it does have a big international following, then this could be an important win for SoftOne. Having launched its solution in the UK in 2020, will this help it break into the fashion market in the UK?

To date, there have been no announcements of wins in the UK, and George Koulogiannis, International Ventures Executive Director at SoftOne SA, left the company at the end of last year. He does not appear to have a direct replacement yet. Does this mean SoftOne have refocused on their home and existing regional markets?


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