(image credit/Pixabay/ blue2finger)Provi, an eCommerce marketplace for the Beverage Alcohol Industry has announced the release of Sell Sheets and Storefronts. Two components of a rapidly-expanding suite of products dedicated to delivering increased sales and ROI to their expanding distributor network.

According to Maggie Lapcewich, Breakthru Beverage Group’s Chief Growth Officer, “We recognised the opportunity to partner with Provi. A partnership to enhance ordering convenience for our customers.

Their new suite of distributor tools allow our associates and customers to be more efficient during this challenging time. Our custom Storefront gives us the ability to position our brands effectively on their marketplace.

Supporting brands

Provi Storefronts give distributors their own dedicated space within the Provi marketplace. Fully configurable, distributors can showcase new releases, seasonal selections, and announcements in a branded experience for their retailer customers. Retailers can browse, engage with promotions, and add products to their cart directly within the Storefronts experience.

As Matt Prybylski, Executive Director of Business Management at Empire Merchants, said, “We are excited to partner with Provi to provide additional ordering capabilities to our customers. Our Empire Merchants branded Storefront on Provi gives us the opportunity to seamlessly customise our brand page. We can highlight our portfolio 24/7. The tool is extremely user-friendly, and Provi’s real-time analytics give us additional insight to inform our strategy.

Provi Sell Sheets

With Provi Sell Sheets, distributor sales reps can create curated, click-to-order lists to showcase new and relevant products for clients. Reps can share lists via text, email, or directly within the Provi platform. As a result, retailers have already seen and ordered from thousands of Sell Sheets. Reps can then access analytics about Sell Sheets page views and purchase conversion. This will help retailers to optimise their campaigns, delivering much-needed eCommerce tooling to today’s sophisticated buyers and sellers.

Provi’s Sell Sheets are a powerful tool for our sales team to communicate with their retailers,” said Thomas Johnstone, Sales Technology & Strategy VP at Eagle Rock Distributing Company. “With thousands of products to keep track of, we know that education and seamless ordering are essential to our success. Provi’s technology has already given time back to our reps by automating the order taking process. Now reps can use that time better than ever for upselling with Sell Sheets.

Rapid, relentless innovation in 2020

Results from early adoption of Provi’s new Distributor Toolkit reveal how essential these developments are. During the pilot period, Storefronts saw millions of product impressions. This resulted in retailers ordering an average of 70% more products from a distributor after engaging with that Distributor’s Storefront. Sell Sheets have already been created and shared by hundreds of distributor reps. Unlocking retailer visibility and order conversion for tens of thousands of products.

Provi CEO, Taylor Katzman (Image credit/LinkedIn/Taylor Katzman)
Provi CEO, Taylor Katzman

As 2020 has dramatically shown, our industry deserves rapid, relentless innovation,” said Provi CEO, Taylor Katzman. “We are proud to have accelerated our product offering to serve all three tiers of the beverage alcohol industry with the launch of Storefronts and Sell Sheets. These features marry best-in-class digital tools for distributors with delightful experiences for retailers to enhance product discovery and seamless ordering. We appreciate all the incredible support we have received as we continue exponential growth with suppliers, distributors, and retailers nationwide.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Founded in 2016 in Chicago, Provi illustrates the growth of vertical eCommerce marketplaces. There is an increasing popularity of platforms that give consumers the ability to find different products from multiple vendors, shops or person showcased on the same platform. What’s more interesting is the development of vertical specific marketplaces which are industry-based, such as Provi’s in the alcohol industry. This OmniChannel model has so far proven to be the most profitable business in web eCommerce. Analysts have suggested Provi is one of the fastest growing eCommerce marketplaces for the beverage alcohol industry. Ecommerce marketplaces are currently dominated by players such as Woo Commerce, Shopify and BigCommerce. It will be interesting to see, if other significant industry specific marketplaces emerge in other sectors in 2021.


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