TOMIATOMIA, a provider of end-to-end connectivity optimisation, and Clear, the developer of blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks, are partnering to provide the global roaming ecosystem with a joint roaming management, reconciliation and settlement platform. This partnership will seek to combine Clear’s blockchain technology solutions with TOMIA’s roaming deal management and settlement solutions.

Marco Limena, CEO of TOMIA, said: “TOMIA and Clear share the common goal of seeking to offer transformative solutions to the telecommunications industry. Automated settlement solutions that drive partner collaboration and dispute automation processes are something the telecommunications industry has wanted for some time.

“It brings much-needed benefits such as reduced costs, improved time management, and increased cash flow efficiencies. System upgrades like these are increasingly important at a time when the industry is undergoing significant change, and telecoms providers seek to drive connectivity through new innovative technologies like 5G.

TOMIA and the target

TOMIA formed from the merger of Starhome Mach and Telarix. These two were leaders in handling roaming and interconnection management. TOMIA now offers connectivity solutions to service providers worldwide. Its offerings enable customers to:

  • manage a unified optimisation process covering both roaming and interconnect
  • drive the future of connectivity through new technologies and services (such as VoLTE, NFV, Machine Learning and 5G).

TOMIA’s strategy is to provide telcos with a unified view of the end to end connectivity process, margins and ‘customer journey’. By monitoring a range of activities on a single platform, Communication Services Providers (CSPs) can:

  • manage wholesale revenue targets
  • optimise agreements
  • identify fraud in real-time
  • decrease overall costs and risk.

TOMIA and Clear

As the telecommunications industry develops, Clear and TOMIA propose to work to support the industry by developing new solutions for the automation of wholesale roaming settlement processes. The pair will also collaborate to build a joint blockchain-based solution with the aim of enhancing both parties’ current service offerings.

The relevance of Clear is that it aspires to change B2B trade – by enabling enterprises to transition seamlessly from current inefficient and manual processes to automated settlement and clearing systems. Doing this reduces disputes which then encourages a more collaborative, frictionless ecosystem.

In this partnership with Clear, TOMIA will upgrade its roaming deal management and partner settlement applications to be interoperable with various blockchain workflows. This will ensure telco-partner collaboration and automation for blockchain enabled partners.

Commenting, Eran Haggiag, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Clear said, “We are thrilled to enter a strategic partnership with an industry leader like TOMIA. Our partnership gives expression to our commitment to working side by side and sharing expertise and insights in order to cultivate new solutions that will automate the entire wholesale roaming settlement process, right the way through, from agreement management to settlement stage.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

This partnership hopes to combine the strengths of Clear’s blockchain solution with TOMIA’s application. The objective is to deliver a seamless wholesale roaming deal management and settlement solution for both blockchain and non-blockchain partners. They will collaborate to deliver increased savings and efficiency through an end to end solution for both existing as well as new services – from setup to settlement and applicable to the enablement of new 5G, IoT and edge services.

This partnership with TOMIA is not the first such initiative from Clear. In the summer of 2020, Clear completed a clearing trial with Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone. Plus, more broadly, there is competition – from the recent Tech Mahindra/Subex tie-up. Whether this TOMIA/Clear partnership or any other of these blockchain-based platforms will truly transform a CSP’s ability to innovate and increase revenues in coming years remains the big question.


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