Exact Globe+ Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay At its annual convention Exact Live this week Exact revealed its latest update to its ERP solution and unveiled a new CEO. Named Globe+ the new release has taken two years to come to market and has an updated UI and embedded AI.

Globe+ is not a completely new solution and has a similar feel to Globe. The existing 13,000 customers will find a familiarity with the solution. They will find that the UI enhancements make its use more efficient. The solution has a new core architecture that Exact expect to build on it the future.


The details of Globe+, that exist, are only available in Dutch at the moment. With Exact sold internationally one might expect more information to become available soon.

Jarno van Hurne, Global Product Line Director at Exact, commented: “With Globe+ we offer a future-proof platform that continues to provide our customers with the very latest ERP innovations. Globe+ is more complete than its predecessor, making it a more versatile solution offering. The software delivers on the demanding requirements of our customers and benefits from our vast experience in the market and our ERP software engineering expertise”.

The new product is being rolled out in phases. Customers will be emailed with further details on upgrade opportunities. Those customers wishing to try out the new version should email [email protected].

Customers can currently try out Globe+ while still having a version of Globe active. However, in time, this will not be possible. All customers are prompted to upgrade to the latest version. Why? Globe+ is where Exact will deliver all future updates, potentially including legislative ones as well. This may cause an issue with customers who have customised their solution. Those customers are advised to seek the help of an Exact partner to make the transition.

For customers using Exact Compact, Exact will soon roll out a new version named Exact Compact+ as well.

New UI features of Globe+

While Exact has not explained the architectural changes in Globe+, it has revealed some of the UI improvements including:

  • A new menu structure with new icons and colour palette
  • An improved favourites panel for all users
  • New simple to use search feature
  • Updated and more efficient input screens
  • A new administrator panel, enabling administrators to pin frequent tasks for rapid navigation
Paul Ramakers, CEO of Exact
Paul Ramakers, CEO of Exact

The new Exact CEO Paul Ramakers, commented: “That plus symbol stands for an upgrade for the future. This new version protects the investments our customers have made and will continue to make with our software. Our international and SME customers are ready for the future, with Globe+ setting a new standard for ERP solutions. We are very proud to announce this important milestone for Exact and our customers.”

Ramakers takes the helm

The appointment of Ramakers as CEO will come as little surprise to many. Ramakers is an Exact veteran having served the company for more than 25 years. He was most recently Chief Operating Officer and has transitioned into the role for several months.

In a touching video, former CEO Phill Robinson stated: “I have always said as the CEO of this company that when my Parkinsons diagnosis became worse and I couldn’t give 100% to the job and the company I would step aside. And so I am announcing today that I am stepping down as CEO and will be joining the board as a non-executive director”

In the press release, Robinson commented: “It has been a great journey and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our customers, partners and employees. I am sad to step down as CEO but am happy to know I am leaving the company in good hands. Paul is the most professional software industry executive I’ve had the privilege of working with. He has done a wonderful job and has helped me build a great business over the past three years.”

Ramakers commented: “It’s been a privilege working with Phill. Under his leadership, we’ve been on a fantastic journey during which we have transformed the company’s strategy and delivered new product innovations to the market. However, it’s the positive impact that Phill has made to our culture through the introduction of several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that stands out most. I’m delighted that we can still count on his help and support in his new role as a non-executive director on the Exact board.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Robinson has successfully led Exact at an exciting time. It is sad to see him stepping aside as a result of a debilitating illness. However, the transition has been smooth and in Ramakers, Exact has a leader that understands the existing strategy and culture. He will, in time, put his stamp on the company.

Both Robinson and Ramakers have worked closely with KKR following its acquisition from APAX partners last year. They have both worked on an aggressive acquisition strategy in Benelux that has seen them buy out companies such as bouw7, Officient and Unit4 Bedrijfssoftware. It will be interesting to see where he takes it into the future.


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