Cross-training Woman Bored Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay Are you an IT consultant sitting at home doing nothing? IFS is offering free education for experienced consultants to cross-train on IFS applications. IFS believes that during the current pandemic many consultants will have time that is not allocated to projects and what better way to fill it than education. It is, therefore, enabling experienced consultant to become certified on IFS solutions.

The program is open to consultants with 3-5 years of experience of consulting in IT, ERPEAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and FSM (field service management) software. However, the program is not open to existing IFS consultants already working on IFS projects or affiliated to an IFS partner. For some, this will be a disappointment as it might have enabled them to cross-train to other IFS solutions within the ecosystem.

This is an opportunity for consultants to cross-train if they have been out of work, furloughed or laid off. Importantly IFS is also opening up the possibility of them working on IFS projects once they become fully certified. It is not guaranteeing this, just offering the “potential to collaborate with IFS and partners on customer projects on completion.”

Michael Ouissi, Chief Customer Officer IFS
Michael Ouissi, Chief Customer Officer IFS

Michael Ouissi, Chief Customer Officer at IFS, commented: “Over the last month, we’ve challenged all 4,000 IFS employees to take action by bringing new ideas and new solutions for both our customers and others in our ecosystem to help weather this pandemic. There is tremendous opportunity out there – even in times like today. There will be many experienced ERP or FSM implementation pros who find themselves with some level of spare capacity and are eager to spread their wings. I hope they’ll take up the opportunity to join our new training. Together, we can grow and help write the next success chapter in the IFS book.”

What is the training

Consultants can apply by completing a form here. Interestingly the form asks applicants to say if their experience is 1-3, 3-5 or more than 5 years. This opens up the possibility that depending upon the response IFS may offer the training to less and more experienced consultants.

The offered program includes access to free online training and virtual classroom training. Once completed consultants can then choose to become certified on IFS products. They can then offering their services to IFS and its partners. For consultants that have worked on on-premises solutions, this is an ideal opportunity to become cross-trained in a new application.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Since Darren Roos became CEO, IFS has enjoyed eight solid quarters of growth. This includes the latest quarter where it still saw a 25% year over year growth in total revenue. Roos did strike a note of caution for future quarters with the COVID-19 crisis likely to slow that growth. To support the growth IFS will need more consultants in its ecosystem. This is the perfect time to offer such training with many consultants sitting at home, it believes. Once trained those consultants may find roles in IFS projects. That should help it to continue its growth trajectory and deliver projects in a timely way.

What is unknown is whether IFS will open up this initiative to consultants less and more experienced than the current target audience. Perhaps it should!


  1. This sounds like a great opportunity for IT consultants to broaden their horizons while spending most of their time at home. Maybe the stay at home orders imposed on most states can be considered the dark cloud while this learning opportunity can be the silver lining for IT consultants.


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