Auckland Ferry Terminal Image by Arvid Olson from Pixabay Infor has been chosen by Auckland Transport (AT) to provide the EAM solution to manage its assets in the future. AT is the regional transportation authority that manages a mix of transport systems across its area. It includes 7,391 km of road and 1,260 bridges.

It also manages a public transport system that includes assets of NZ$1.5 billion. The mix of public transport includes 43 active rail stations, 2,337 bus shelters and 21 ferry wharves. Its total of $19 billion of assets depreciate an estimate $264 million per year, or $725,000. Even a small percentage improvement in those figures makes a difference. Increasing the efficiency, safety and experience of its assets will increase customer satisfaction in the population.

The Infor CloudSuite EAM is replacing the SAP EAM solution that AT inherited from the Auckland Regional Council. It will also supplant several other legacy solutions the organisation has inherited as well as numerous Excel spreadsheets.

While it had originally planned to migrate the EAM solution to a cloud native platform, it clearly reconsidered this strategy and has now selected Infor. EY carried out an EAM programme review earlier this year. The total commitment by AT is not yet known. However, it has already committed to spending $344,172 with Infor Global Services for the EAM discovery phase.

Delivering EAM across Auckland

The contract is multi-year and will help to optimise the management of the AT asset portfolio. This includes the ability to provide a comprehensive assessment of the critical assets, risks and resilience.

It also wants to improve the data on its asset condition and performance, including the automation of processes and improvements to data capture. This will support an evidence based decision making across all its assets and align with ISO 55000 principles. AT continues to align its policies with ISO 55000 standards. The EAM solution will further help with that alignment

Shane Ellison, chief executive officer, Auckland Transport commented: “Auckland Transport is pleased to partner with Infor, which emerged the winner in a very comprehensive tender selection process. We chose Infor for its deep industry expertise, innovative culture and strong track record in asset-intensive implementations, particularly in the transportation sector with reference names such as the MTAs of New York and San Francisco. The ultimate winner will be Auckland citizens, who will enjoy increased customer service levels when the solution is rolled out.”

Infor kicks out SAP again

For Infor this is a significant win, one suspects primarily against SAP. Its experience at New York MTA will almost certainly have helped to win this deal. That organization also manages a mix of road, rail and sea fleets.

Helen Masters, senior vice president and general manager, Infor Asia Pacific and Japan
Helen Masters, senior vice president and general manager, Infor Asia Pacific and Japan

Helen Masters, senior vice president and general manager, Infor Asia Pacific and Japan commented:  “Infor and Auckland Transport share the same goals. We put customer-centricity first, and take pride in delivering a better experience.  

“We are committed to partnering with AT to help enable the organisation to better respond to the challenges of a rapidly-growing city — by combining modern asset management practice with digital technology to improve both network performance and the customer experience.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a significant win for Infor in New Zealand. The project is underway and once complete should provide a customer advocate for the rest of the region. While the total cost of this contract is not known, AT are investing in the services of Hudson Gavin Martin, a boutique law firm to help negotiate the multi year contract.

As the project unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the integration of disparate platforms and systems comes together in the Infor platform to provide the forecasting and insights that AT is looking for.


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