MSS should be a partnershipThe Managed Security Services (MSS) market has seen significant growth over the last few years. As organisations struggle to find, retain and even afford cyber security staff, MSS providers are facing boom years. However, buying and selling MSS is very different to most technology solutions.

To understand more about where MSS is and what makes a good relationship between customer and MSS provider, Enterprise Times talked to Charles Bovy, Director MSS presales EMEA at NTT Security. Bovy has over 10 years in presales and understands how easy it is for MSS and other security products to be poorly positioned.

Charles Bovy, Director MSS presales EMEA at NTT Security
Charles Bovy, Director MSS presales EMEA at NTT Security

Skills, regulations and knowledge are not just a customer problem. Bovy believes that to retain MSS staff you have to: “Present them with interesting security incidents almost every day. If you only have one incident a week then it’s quite boring for one analyst.” This approach also has to encompass constant opportunities for new skills to stop people getting stuck in a role.

The customer relationship is also changing. Bovy is seeing more maturity from customers. This means that they are asking for more but also understand the complexity of the problem. But there is still a challenge in the way customers approach MSS. Bovy is seeing some customers offloading MSS to their procurement team. They have one focus, the best product for the cheapest price and that creates a bidding war.

To get an effective MSS deal Bovy says that there must be a partnership approach. Bovy commented: “That starts with I don’t believe in a buy or sourcing just based on documents. I’m a strong believer of having this conversation because you’re not selecting a supplier, but you’re selecting a partner who is helping you to make the journey.”

To hear what else Bovy had to say listen to the podcast.

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