NetSuite has announced that Western Global has grown by 220 percent over the last five years. This equates to an average annual growth of around 22%. NetSuite has enabled that growth by providing the company the ability to scale both in size and geographically.

Founded in 1962 Western Global had expanded into new markets from the UK. It had operations and three ERP solutions supporting Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia. A common challenge for companies that have expanded internationally it wanted to find a solution that could run its entire business. It selected NetSuite and this has enabled it to:

  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming processes
  • Have a real-time, consolidated view of key business data.
  • Increase efficiencies across its global supply chain
  • Monitor and manage its global financials

Of these, the first has enabled it to focus on business generating initiatives such as product development and strategy. Clem Connor, CEO, Western Global commented: “Reaching £50 million in revenue was a huge milestone for our company as it demonstrates our ability to seamlessly expand across borders.

NetSuite has played a big role in our success by enabling us to focus our time and resources on what we do best: providing leading-edge fuelling solutions. Despite the growth of our business following the acquisition, we have been able to avoid adding additional complexity and I credit that mainly to the extensive functionalities within NetSuite.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While this is not a new win by NetSuite, it demonstrates the comprehensive benefits a cloud-based, internationalised solution can offer companies. That is the case regardless of the growth rate of the company. Nicky Tozer, VP of EMEA, Oracle NetSuite summarised by saying: “The impressive growth that Western Global has achieved in the last five years shows how optimizing key business processes has a direct contribution to the bottom line.”


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