Zoholics Europe (c) Zoho.comEnterprise Times took the opportunity of talking to Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho about the strategy for Zoho and Zoho One specifically. Zoho has developed more than 45 different applications, in many cases market leading. At Zoholics in Austin, analysts questioned whether Zoho One is actually an ERP solution in disguise. It was a question ET asked Sundaram. He believes that the gap is closing and that Zoho One may offer something different, he has seen Zoho One replace ERP in some instances. However, there are still some verticals it does not yet deliver the functionality for. Manufacturing and Supply Chain are two, however, that may change.

Vijay Sunduram, Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho (Image credit Linkedin)
Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho

Zoho also allows companies to configure its solution using tools such as Orchestly, he argues that this provides a way to customise the product onto of a configurable platform. There are risks associated with this approach that Sundaram acknowledges. We discussed best practices and how Zoho may use the knowledge it gains from the use of its products to develop templates that can deliver best practice solutions to customers.

Zoho has a growing number of partners but with 45 apps it has a unique challenge in finding partners with its approach. Sundaram explains the approach to partners, focussing on quality and how it intends to network partners into a single stronger ecosystem rather than individual partners vying for business.

To hear more of what Sundaram had to say, listen to the podcast.

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