Monty Taylor explains what OpenDev is aboutThe OpenStack Foundation (OSF) has decided to make its own development tools available to a wider range of developers. These are all open source tools that have been used to build OpenStack and other projects. To date, they have only really been used by those close to OpenStack. The goal now is to widen the usage of, and participation in, these tools which are available through the OpenDev website.

The news has only just been announced and the first cut of the website is fairly limited. To get an understanding of exactly what is in OpenDev, Enterprise Times talked to Monty Taylor. Taylor has been involved with OpenStack from inception to now and has been part of the team who has delivered these developer tools for over nine years.

Monty Taylor
Monty Taylor

Taylor told ET that this is not just about tools. Services and code repositories are now going to be more easily available. Developers will be able to use things such as the code publishing and code review tools. They will also get access to all the code repositories that the OSF has been hosting which is far more than just OpenStack.

The primary focus is not to deliver this as a Platform as a Service. It is to give easy access to code, services and tools. What is a possibility is that the various OpenStack distributions might themselves take these tools and offer access through their own platforms. This would enable them to widen their own developer ecosystem.

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