Mike Wolf talks about modern deliveryMike Wolf leads the modern delivery practice at KPMG. He recently sat down with Enterprise Times to talk about the wider benefits of DevOps to the business. Wolf says that: “Modern delivery is a holistic view that combines Agile, DevOps with Product Management, Lean Financing and design thinking.”

The idea is that bring them all together and you see real benefits in terms of business advantage and return on investment. Do things in isolation and it will slow the business down and cost more.

DevOps and Agile are seen as key technologies for software development. They can significantly increase the speed, stability and security of software for the business.

However, the basic principles that underpin DevOps can be applied to a much wider portion of the business. In this podcast, Wolf talks about what they offer business teams and how they can help remove the boundaries that exist between departments. Many of those boundaries impact business processes and, as such, can be seen to be slowing down the ability of businesses to grow.

This is also about bringing IT and the business together. They speak different languages, they have different goals. According to Wolf, the business doesn’t improve unless there is a common understanding between the two. He sees modern delivery practice as being the translator between the two sides.

To hear what Wolf had to say, listen to the podcast.

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