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Kimble applications has unveiled the extent of its growth in the US. The announcement of eleven of its customers willing to be named is an indication of its strong growth. That growth is set to continue following a major investment by Accel-KKR.

It has also recently been awarded a “AppExchange Premier Partner” badge by Salesforce. It is only the second PSA solution on the Salesforce platform to be awarded this and is an indication of its growth and importance to Salesforce within the ecosystem.

Mix of customers

Kimble has attracted a wide range of customers to its solution. Attracted by the best practices approach that Kimble adopts both to its software and implementation processes. The customers include internal professional services departments of larger corporations such as Iron Mountain, Esri and Magento.

Mark Robinson, co-founder and CMO of Kimble Applications (image credit Kimble)
Mark Robinson, co-founder and CMO of Kimble Applications

Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson commented: “We are delighted that these great companies in the US have selected Kimble Professional Services Automation. Kimble is all about helping organizations to grow and scale while reducing the administrative burden. Augmented Intelligence in the software is designed to support human intelligence in ways that increase productivity and improve business performance.

The full list of clients includes: Acquis, The Chertoff Group, CSA Group, Dom and Tom, Esri, Flosports, Intersys, Iron Mountain, K2, Magento, Scrum Inc, and Traiana.

Adding to that list is Code Zero, a Salesforce partner that have become a strong advocate for Kimble Applications. Founded in 2016 it selected Kimble to run its operation. The impact of the software was recognised by a recent Service Performance Insight report that named them among the 20 “Best of the Best” professional services organisations.

Managing Partner John Hildreth commented: “All of this would not have been possible without Kimble… Since Kimble is a native Salesforce application, we are able to have real time visibility into the health of our business in a single location without adding additional overhead. The use of Kimble has allowed us to focus our efforts on what we do best, which is solve complex problems for our clients.”

What does this mean

As Kimble looks ahead into 2018 it should have an even bigger impact on the professional services market. It now has four offices across North America and should continue to grow during the year. That Kimble can reel off twelve customers in the US quickly, some of which are now live, after a short implementation, is testament to their growth trajectory. This is a critical time for Kimble, it is making waves across the PSA industry. However, it will need to manage its growth carefully, balancing its recruitment across both its sales and services arms, to ensure that it does not unbalance itself as it expands.


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