Image credit Pixabay/TheDigitalArtistEnterprise Times caught up with Praveen Asthana, CMO at Forcepoint on his 100th day at the company.  We spoke about what brought him to Forcepoint and in what direction he will take their marketing. He also revealed where Forcepoint are finding their new talent from.  He talked about the challenges of being a CMO and which tools he uses (Marketo and Demandware). The new balance between in bound and our bound marketing, or rather the imbalance between them.

He use a historical anecdote to describe modern cybersecurity vendors.  Whereas security companies used to build walls around organisations, Forcepoint is building better armour for individuals to take wherever they go.  It an interesting viewpoint and one that aligns with the Forcepoint view of being a people rather than technology centric security company.

To hear more of what Asthana had to say, listen to the podcast.

Praveen Asthana, CMO, Forcepoint (Image credit Forcepoint)
Praveen Asthana, CMO, Forcepoint

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