OneStock launches Shopify connector - Image by justynafaliszek from Pixabay - OneStock, a leading order management system vendor built using MACH principles, has announced a new connector for Shopify. The connectors will link OneStock’s Order Management System (OMS) with the Shopify commerce platform. Oddly, the connector does not yet appear on the Shopify app store. However, the application was built using the Built for Shopify guidelines.

Details about the new connectors are scarce. Once listed on the Shopify App Store, hopefully, there will be more information. The announcements reveal that the connector offers several features and deeper integrations between the two leading solutions, including:

Once connected, the combination of OneStock and Shopify will provide a seamless end-to-end shopping and order management experience for customers.

Romulus Grigoras, CEO at OneStock, image source, linkedIn
Romulus Grigoras, CEO at OneStock

Romulus Grigoras, CEO at OneStock, commented, “OneStock envisions a retail landscape where order management is easy; easy to deploy, easy to configure, easy for users day to day and easy to track. This is a major step forward in the retail industry’s journey towards more efficient order management as part of a fully integrated shopping experience.

“Our OMS features have been available to Shopify users for a long time now, as we have a few customers, such as the French shirt maker, Figaret Paris, using OneStock OMS with Shopify eCommerce. However the ‘wow’ fact here, is that we’ve now gone one step further in seamless integration and, thanks to this connector, are now reducing by half the integration efforts required to add order management to all orders coming to a Shopify platform.”

The promise of omnichannel

An omnichannel strategy in retail provides a seamless shopping experience across every channel, including in-store, online, mobile and combinations thereof. All retailers are now being driven towards an omnichannel approach. The challenge for many is that it means disconnected customer journey because of disconnected technology solutions. It is this challenge that the new connector overcomes.

The combination of Shopify and OneStock, when seamlessly integrated, will provide retailers with a solution that combines the functionality of both solutions into a seamless end-to-end solution for customers. As Romulus noted, “The inclusion of the OneStock Delivery Promise, with its unique capability to display in real-time – at product level pages, before checkout – the delivery date and cost for each delivery option, makes this connector by far the most advanced OMS-to-Shopify connector available on the market today” highlighted.

Nicolas Chavanes, Partnerships Lead EMEA at Shopify, commented, “Brands come to Shopify for our commitment to innovation and our dedicated partner ecosystem that fuels our progress. OneStock’s connector stands out as a great solution, optimising the time-to-value for mid-market and enterprise retailers as they embark on their transformative omnichannel journey. This integration not only streamlines operations for retailers but also enhances the shopping experience for their customers – providing faster and more efficient order fulfilment.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Often, the introduction of connectors means a limited transfer of data between applications that merely removes manual data duplication. In this case, the connector appears to do far more. It helps organisations to deliver the end-to-end experience that customers nowadays expect regardless of the channel they purchase goods through.

What is missing from this announcement are details about the connector, and while they leverage the APIs some quantitative benefits that customers will gain. It will be interesting to see what the first case study unveils.


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