Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week Certinia unveiled updates to its Services-as-a-business platform including new features for its professional services automation solution.

Other news last week came from Accelo, Notion and Rocketlane.


Geoff McQueen, CEO of Accelo published another blog about the upcoming Accelo v4.0. This time he focused on the designs that the new release will have. Accelo v4.0 is a major update and has a complete redesign of every screen within the solution that will bring consistency across the application.

McQueen highlighted that every screen will have:

  • A new 70/30 screen layout with a prominent focus on the title, description, custom fields and tasks on the left and important metadata on the right.
  • A new Status History panel to give better insights into the history of a Sale, Ticket or Project and make it easy for your team to see what has happened before.
  • A new “Last Communication” panel in the top right, which shows quickly and prominently the last email to or from a client.
  • A new budget panel, which makes it easy to see the hours or financial value of the work completed.
  • A Materials and Expenses panel and a Billing tab to make cost data and invoices easily accessible.

He also reviewed the detailed changes to the Sales, Tickets, and Projects screens. In addition he flagged that the development team has designed the Streams feature and also updated how users see Activities, Tasks and Milestones.


Notion has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer, Fuzzy Khosrowshahi. Khosrowshahi was previously SVP Product Engineering at Slack and spent fourteen years at Google in Engineering leadership positions. At Google he created Google Sheets. Why did he decided to join Notion?

Khosrowshahi answered, “I knew Notion was an innovator in the space. But it wasn’t until I started using the product that I saw Notion’s true appeal.

“Notion combines organization, documentation, site management, and project management into a single application. I was also so impressed with the power of Notion’s databases and its block structure. This unique blend of products and features made Notion the only company that could’ve enticed me to leave my previous role. I want to build products I love to use, and that my family and friends use.

“Plus, the team! They’re ambitious, innovative, aligned, and want to move fast. I’m excited to be part of that culture.”


Rocketlane announced that it has obtained SOC 1 Type 2 certification and remains SOC 2 Type 2 compliant for its IT security processes and protocols. The certifications were conducted by Sensiba.

Deepak Bala, CTO and Co-Founder of Rocketlane, commented, “In an era where data breaches are becoming more frequent and costly, customers expect their data to be managed responsibly. This is why we have prioritized continuing to invest in our security controls.

“We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the toughest data security standards in the industry. The new SOC certifications attest that our clients can rely on us every day to protect their information.”

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 4th December 2023



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