Anjuna has announced Anjuna Seaglass. It calls it “the first software platform able to create trusted execution environments that are infrastructure and application agnostic.” The company also says it has added “Kubernetes support for Azure and Google Cloud, a crucial Blockchain customer, and a 30-day free trial.

Ayal Yogev, CEO and Co-founder, Anjuna (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Ayal Yogev, CEO and Co-founder, Anjuna

Ayal Yogev, CEO and co-founder of Anjuna says, “Anjuna envisions a secure world where any application can run in any environment without hesitations or concerns.

“In this world, where applications and data can be effectively processed in a sealed and trusted walled garden with the highest levels of security, attackers and insiders even with the top level of privilege will be thwarted from causing the damage that leaves organizations exposed today with huge risk and compliance burden.”  

What does Anjuna Seaglass do?

Seaglass is an evolution of the Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform. It is cloud and server chipset agnostic. It also works across multiple application architectures.

The company describes Seaglass as “a software platform capable of creating trusted execution environments in all the major clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) on any server chipset (Intel SGX, AMD SEV-SNP are supported today – Intel TDX and NVIDIA H100 will be supported when they become available) to run any kind of enterprise application (traditional, containerized, Kubernetes-managed, and emerging ML & AI workloads) with complete data security and privacy – all without requiring any code changes.”  

One of the key selling points of Anjuna Seaglass is its security. Data at rest, in transit and at use is kept encrypted. Anjuna says that it is also isolated to further harden the security around the data.

What is new?

The Anjuna Seaglass platform adds new capabilities that advance the company’s plans for a universal secure computing platform. The existing platform already supports Kubernetes, in particular, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). With the introduction of Seaglass it now has support for Kubernetes-managed applications on:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – available early Q1 2024
  • Google Kubernetes Service (GKE) – available in the first half of 2024

In addition, Anjuna and Portal have announced a collaboration. The two companies claim it is a “significant milestone in the realm of Blockchain infrastructure and Confidential Computing.” A major benefit for Portal is the speed with which Anjuna can help get solutions into production, a typical bottleneck for many IT departments.

The last announcement is a 30-day free trial of Anjuna Seaglass. It will give organisations the opportunity to see what a Universal Confidential Computing Platform can deliver.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Confidential Computing has been talked about for some time, with a number of vendors delivering their own take on it. The problem is that those solutions are not technology-agnostic. Anjuna is delivering a cloud and chipset agnostic solution that can be deployed fast, as fast as organisations need.

It will be interesting to see the take-up of Seaglass, especially among those companies that are handling highly confidential data


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