Workplace Digitisation - AI Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Artificial Intelligence is being integrated and bolted onto applications across the world. announced an innovative approach to open up the AI it is building within its Work OS platform to third-party developers. During 2023 they will enable developers to build applications using the AI tools they are building into the platform. It will launch the monday AI Assistant in May, including a set of applications built with the tool and the infrastructure enabling third-party developers to build their own.

The initial four apps will include:

  • Automated Task Generation: Create project plans painlessly and in less time based on customer input and goals. The AI will deliver suggestions for tasks such as a design phase and pre-planning and will lead the user through the creation of the plan with pre-populated content.
  • Composing and Rephrasing Emails: Save time by using monday AI to write and edit emails more quickly within monday sales CRM. It suggests responses to emails received. Users select an appropriate response type to the email and a generative AI creates an appropriate response for the user to validate before sending.
  • Summarizing: Focus on what’s important while the AI summarizes complex topics and provides relevant action items. For example, this will extract a list of action points from meeting minutes.
  • Formula Builder (to be released at a later date): Takes a goal in text form and turns it into a formula that can be applied across tasks and projects. For example, “Find the deadline for each project and add 5 working days”. This will generate a new entry for perhaps a follow-up.
Automated Task Generation App created with AI assistant
Automated Task Generation App created with AI assistant
Roy Mann, Founder and CEO (Image credit Linkedin)
Roy Mann, Founder and CEO

Roy Mann, co-Founder and co-CEO at, commented, “Generative AI is a huge step forward for not only the quality, but also the ease, with which anyone with coding capabilities can create amazing AI software. In the true monday way, we’re leveraging the power of the global developer community to provide optimal value to our customers, by opening up our infrastructure for AI apps to overlay the Work OS. We’re excited to see the incredible ways developers utilize AI to bring new solutions to the marketplace.”

Opening up the Ai assistant

The new apps will be made available on the company’s apps marketplace and as developers build their own apps they can also make them available there. To kickstart the creation of these new apps will hold AI hackathons between June 20th to June 22nd in Tel Aviv, London, New York and virtually for other interested teams. There are prizes of up to $50,000 on offer for the winning entries from teams of up to four members. Completed applications will likely be among the first AI apps launched on the marketplace, and teams can monetize their creations immediately. will become one of the first SaaS companies to develop AI capabilities in an open way, allowing external developers to add further functionalities and broaden the ecosystem. The resulting apps will then be available to customers through the AI Assistant. Opening the platform in this way will advance the company’s mission of democratizing software, as any customer will be further empowered to build their customized software.

Eran Helft, Director of Product Management at, commented, “ is built to be at the core of any type of work, where customers can build workflows that suit their every need. Developing monday AI is a natural next step in deepening how our customers interact with our software and supporting their ever-growing work processes. We are just scratching the surface on what we can accomplish with AI and plan to keep expanding our platform based on our customers’ true needs.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

There is little information available currently about the monday AI assistant capabilities. Nor has the firm revealed any guardrails, ethical or otherwise, that it will place on the tools. By opening up the AI platform to its ecosystem, it is creating an environment where it is the partners and customers of that will create and provide innovative solutions for other users.

This open approach will enable customers to bring huge innovation to the platform using crowdsourcing rather than developing tools that may not quite deliver what customers want. If it focuses its efforts on building out the platform’s capabilities, then this could be a very successful approach by the WORK os vendor.


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