Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayA short week last week meant less news from PSA, PPM and Work Management vendors. Enterprise Times published an interview with Chen Salomon, Director of Engineering at He spoke about why the company established a team of builders in London recently and what they are working on for 2023.

Other news came from Birdview PSA, Procore and WorkLife by ResourceGuru.

BIrdView PSA

It is now possible to add negative expenses for all new trial accounts in Birdview PSA. The entries can come in the form of reversing journal entries, vendor and supplier credits, refunds, and other corrections.

Select a project or a task to which you want to add information about expenses. Click on the Details next to the project/task name. Go to your project/task finances by clicking on the Billing icon in the top right corner. Go to the Expenses tab and click on the Log actual expense and add a negative amount.

This feature is not available by default, and users should contact customer services to enable it. The feature is also not available in the mobile application.


Procore Technologies, Inc has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine Constructors Association Inc (PCA) to launch a PCA Digital Transformation Program in the Philippines. The program aims to train 150 PCA members on the Procore construction management software during 2023.

An initial cohort of nine individuals has been selected to be trained first, and they will qualify as Procore trainers. They will then extend the training to others within the PCA. Each course consists of technical workshops on project management, quality and safety and more. Once the course is completed, attendees will undertake exams to achieve certification that will validate their level of experience using Procore.

Bruce Wells, Vice President of Asia, Procore, commented, “The construction industry is slow in keeping up with the advancement of technology – not for the lack of technology solutions, but rather a skills gap in using the technology. Providing the necessary tools and training is critical in moving the entire industry forward into a more productive, efficient and safe environment to work in. Procore is excited to be a key player in accelerating the digital transformation journey for the construction workforce in the Philippines.”

The Procore How We Build Now 2022 benchmark report, identified the benefits of construction technology for the Philippino construction market. Respondents noted the reliance on human labour (55%), the ability to handle more projects (54%), and resource efficiency through less rework (53%).

Barry Paulino, Executive Director, PCA, commented, “Globally, the construction industry is facing a skilled workforce shortage that cannot be solved overnight. The Philippines’ construction industry is therefore undergoing a rapid digital transformation push to address this challenge, by enhancing the productivity and upskilling our current workforce to ensure they stay relevant and competitive in the global arena.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Procore to help future-proof our local construction industry, and be a frontrunner in the digital era.”


ResourceGuru has added email notifications to WorkLife. Once email activations are set up within settings, teams members will be alerted when:

  • they are assigned to bookings
  • one of their existing bookings is changed
  • a booking is moved on or off the waiting list
  • when a booking is completed.

Users are about to unsubscribe from the email if they wish. If a booking is marked as tentative for a user, no email alert is sent.

Users can also opt to receive their bookings schedule every day to see what they have to work on. The third setting enables them to sign up for the monthly newsletter from the WorkLife community.

WorkLife intends to improve the feature, with one customer already asking that if a booking is changed, they can see details of what was changed.


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