Wix (Credit image/Pixabay/Lawrence Monk)Wix.com a global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence completed the first ever Wix DevCon 2022. The event consisted of Wix expert-led presentations and product announcements, all of which were built by developers for developers. The new tools are focused on the expansion of the Wix product suite providing control and customisation for professional developers.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Yoav Abrahami)
Yoav Abrahami, Chief Architect and Head of Velo at Wix

Web development is at the core of Wix. Evolving from solely a no-code platform supporting self-creators, to today, introducing our next phase to meet the needs of developers as they embark on their web development journeys,” said Yoav Abrahami, Chief Architect and Head of Velo at Wix Code. “Developers are building longer and more complex projects than ever before. Making it imperative for them to have more customisable and collaborative experiences. Therefore, we’re not just rolling out new features. We are changing our infrastructure to be congruent with the future of web development. The best part is that we’re just getting started. We will continue to open and expand the platform to further accelerate more powerful digital solutions.”

Product releases and integrations

Wix Blocks enables professional designers and developers to create an application with the ease of drag and drop. Enterprises can then package it as a full application with Velo code, collections and back-end code in one powerful solution. The visual design workspace provides a high-velocity ecosystem enabling users to build their own highly customisable and reusable applications and widgets across sites built on Wix and Editor X. Developers and designers can work concurrently and collaboratively on the same project without strong dependencies on each other through the separation of business logic and UX/UI. This enables complete optimisation of web development and management for both developers and designers. For example, when an application is built, the designer can create different versions of UX and UI with the same business logic to be used across various sites. This eliminates duplicative efforts and significantly increases their workflow capabilities.

Unlock the full functionality of eCommerce

Wix’s new open platform enables engineers to customise eCommerce experiences for any business need at a higher velocity. The platform provides the flexibility to build scalable online businesses, whether working with a business that provides a service, appointment booking, event tickets, or products. By opening the first set of eCommerce APIs, users can integrate any catalogue of sellable items into Wix. Users can build any business on top of it, and add additional fees to the checkout and order functionality. Introduce their own logic and 3rd party integrations for discount rules and shipping options at checkout.

Collaborative coding, a new integration with Git

Wix is opening a Velo integration with Git and Github, extending Velo from single developer use to teams. Currently available on Editor X, the Git integration enables developers to create and manage sites as a team, use any integrated development environment (IDE). Integrate with CI / CD workflows and incorporate automated testing and verification tools.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

The Wix Git integration allows developers to work within a more stable and standard environment and provides more transparency to better mitigate problems. Wix has worked hard on building its platform to be more robust with many enhancements to better support developers. The company says it is opening Wix’s business building blocks to further enable web professionals to create custom, robust online experiences using code.
Compared to its competitors, Wix appears to be slow off the eCommerce block. In 2020 the company launched an extended eCommerce solution. The new Wix eCommerce solution sought to provide merchants, entrepreneurs and retail brands with new features, including customisable branded storefronts and carts. Compared to the roadmaps of other eCommerce players, Wix appears relatively slow in providing an array of eCommerce services. The Wix platform has a comparable list of platform functionalities. Multi-channel sales, shipping options, payment processing with Wix Payments, professional analytics and reporting, shipping and fulfilment capabilities etc. However, if Wix takes the low-road to self-promotion and advertising its capabilities, then it will never get into the league of Magento, Salesforce or Hybris.


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